Tips for Taking Care of Guava Trees

Tips for Taking Care of Guava Trees

There are many tips for taking care of guava trees that you can find all over the internet. If you do not have a lot of experience caring for these types of trees, then it is definitely a good idea that you take some time and learn how to take care of them properly before you start harvesting or plucking their fruits. There are many different methods that you can use in order to take care of the guava crops that you have, and if you take the time to learn about these methods before you get started, you will be able to use them effectively and efficiently in order to ensure that your guava tree is healthy and strong for a long time.

1. Removing Weeds

One of the tips for taking care of guava trees is to remove all the weeds from around the tree and the root system and also clean off the leaves. Do not allow the soil to dry out as well. In case you cannot do this on your own, then get the help of a professional. You can find a lot of companies that provide pest control services to people who have small businesses. The best part about these companies is that they ensure that you do not have to worry about getting the weed killer on your skin.

2. Place In Containers Initially

One of the tips for taking care of guava trees is that you should place them in containers when they are young so that they have all the room that they need. You should also prune them regularly so that they have room to grow. You should also make sure that you give them the best nutrients that they need so that they can grow up to be strong and healthy. Do not let them dry out because the nutrients will also go out of action.

3. Do Not Over-Feed

Do not over feed them because this can lead to diseases. You can choose the correct amount of fertilizer that you can afford and also read the instructions that come with it carefully. Overfeeding may also be harmful for the health of the tree. You should avoid giving them fertilizers after they have finished blooming.

4. Watering

Another thing that you need to remember is that you will need to give your guava a lot of water. You will want to make sure that you are watering them every day no matter what. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t getting any fruit on them during the day. The fact of the matter is that they will still need to be watered every day because they have tiny little roots that need to be taken care of.

5. Keep Away from Extreme Temperatures

Another of the tips for taking care of guava trees is that you should keep them away from extreme temperatures. These high temperatures can actually kill the guava. In case you live in a place where you get really cold temperature, you should not try to plant guava because they do not tolerate low temperatures. You should therefore store these plants in the shade because they love sunlight.

6. Avoid Chemical Pesticides

There are some things that you should not do. You should never spray pesticides or any chemical substance near the guava. If you do this, there are chances that some of the chemicals will be absorbed into the leaves. You should also ensure that the soil around the guava is free from weeds. This can help the tree to grow strong and healthy.

7. Provide Favorable Conditions for Growth

When you are growing a guava tree, it is important that you make sure that you are providing them with everything that they will need to grow strong. This means that you will need to provide them with fertilizer. One of the best fertilizers that you can buy for your guava is a High-Traffic Blend. This is a fertilizer that is made for growing things that are used for things such as fruit. This means that your guava will be in good shape when you start to see some fruit on it.

8. Pruning

Another tip for taking care of guava tree is to cut off any dead branches and leaves on them. As they grow, you will find that their bodies will become a bit too big for their small little branches. You should cut them off so that you will be able to get more air and light to flow into the soil around them. If you leave them be, they will grow into a bush and the only thing that you will be able to see are the leaves.

9. Protection from Winds

Your guava tree will also need to be protected from wind. Because of the type of soil that they grow in, they will be damaged by strong winds. This is something that you will need to make sure of if you live in an area where there is frequent wind.

10. Conclusion

The last of the tips for taking care of guava trees that will help you out are ones related to eating them. Guava is a popular delicacy around the world. There are even entire restaurants and hotels that serve guava soup. It is very delicious and the green leafy vegetables that it contains are also very beneficial. There are no negative effects that come with guava, so if you want to taste the wonderful benefits of these little green plants, you will certainly want to try and take care of them.

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