5 Best Fruits for Diabetics

5 Best Fruits for Diabetics

What are the 5 best fruits for diabetics? When it comes to fighting diabetes, the benefits of fruits are numerous. You should eat a healthy diet comprised of fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

These foods can help you control your blood sugar levels. If you are on medication, you need to follow a certain regimen and your diet should also be in accordance with that routine.

If the intake of fruits is increased, the chances of diabetic complications will decrease. In fact, fruits can even help control insulin levels.

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1. Cherry

The first and most beneficial in the list of the 5 best fruits for diabetics are cherries. This is because of the many health benefits that come with eating this specific fruit. Cherries are very helpful for those who are suffering from diabetes.

5 Best Fruits for Diabetics 1
Cherries for Diabetics

1.1 Low in Sugar

If you are diabetic, one of the most important things that you can do is to consume foods that are low in sugar.

1.1.1 Reduce Risk of Diabetes

Sugars lead to an elevated risk of developing diabetes, and even without diabetics,

  • It is good for your health to limit your intake of sugary foods.

1.1.2 Including Cherries in Diet

If you include this one of the 5 best fruits for diabetics in your diabetic diet,

  • You can improve your health and lower your risk of developing diabetes and hypertension.

1.2 Control Blood Glucose

One of the first benefits of cherries is that it helps control blood glucose.

  • A diet that is rich in natural antioxidants can help control inflammation which is often a symptom of diabetes.
  • Another benefit of cherries is that it contains many nutrients which are good for the heart and overall health of a person.

1.3 High Fiber Content

One of the main benefits of this one of the 5 best fruits for diabetics is that it can help diabetics manage their disease.

  • This is because of the high fiber content it has.

1.3.1 Reduce Risk of Type-2 Diabetes

High-fiber foods are known to help prevent and reduce the risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

1.3.2 Reduce Level of Circulating Insulin

Since this one of the 5 best fruits for diabetics are rich in fiber,

  • It can help lower the levels of circulating insulin in the body since insulin is one of the major factors that cause the onset of type-2 diabetes.

Thus, cherries can prevent the onset of type-2 diabetes through its effect on insulin

5 Best Fruits for Diabetics 2
Benefits of Cherry for Diabetics

1.4 Anti-inflammatory Properties

Another benefit of cherries is that it contains compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties.

1.4.1 Presence of Anthocyanin

In fact, these compounds called anthocyanin,

  • It can help reduce the inflammation that occurs in the arteries.

1.4.2 Benefit for Diabetics

Since diabetics are prone to have decreased circulation in the body,

  • An anti-inflammatory food such as anthocyanin can be beneficial.

1.5 Rich in Vitamin C

One of the properties that make cherries so good for diabetics is that they contain a natural substance called vitamin C.

1.5.1 Helps Sugar to Leave the Body

Vitamin C is needed in order for your body to absorb the sugar in food and help it leave the body.

1.5.2 Aids Breakdown of Sugar

As you may know, diabetes is a disease where the body is unable to process sugar properly.

  • The body cannot break down sugar quickly enough.
  • It also does not use the rest of the body’s insulin.

It is therefore important to increase your intake of fruit and vegetables in order to maintain healthy levels of glucose in your bloodstream.

1.6 Improve Circulation

One last benefit of this one of the 5 best fruits for diabetics is it can help improve circulation.

  • When the body is dehydrated, it cannot function properly.
  • This is what happens when a person is suffering from diabetes.

It is important to drink lots of water and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

  • However, if you feel like your body is lacking something, you should consider drinking a couple of ounces of cranberry juice each day.

2. Peach

Second, on the list of 5 best fruits for diabetics are peaches. They are an interesting choice as a fruit to eat, especially for diabetics. They can be used in smoothies, ice cream, or added to your baked desserts. Here are some of the benefits of eating peach:

5 Best Fruits for Diabetics 4
Peach of Diabetics

2.1 Control Blood Sugar Level

This one of the 5 best fruits for diabetics can help in the control of blood sugar levels.

2.1.1 Reduction of Glucose

  • They have been found to be effective in the reduction of glucose, which is the compound that contributes to diabetes.

2.1.2 Improve Sensitivity of Insulin Receptors

They can also improve the sensitivity of the insulin receptors, which is what a diabetic needs to reduce the amount of insulin taken by the body.

  • It has been seen that when a person ingests this juice that his blood sugar level is reduced by 70%.

2.2 Rich in Beneficial Nutrients

The juice of this one of the 5 best fruits for diabetics is rich in potassium, magnesium, fiber, and a lot of vitamins.

2.2.1 Reduce Bad Cholesterol

It is also rich in anthocyanin (a pigment found in fruits) which is known for reducing bad cholesterol.

2.2.2 Presence of Uric Acid

The pulp of this fruit contains a chemical called uric acid, which is known to be a risk factor for gout and heart disease.

  • But uric acid is also responsible for keeping blood sugar levels low

So that,

  • It is not converted into hyperglycemia, which leads to diabetes.

2.3 Rich in Protein

This one of the 5 best fruits for diabetics is very rich in protein. It offers more than double the protein of other fruits.

  • Peaches are also known to contain relatively higher amounts of dietary fibers.

It is therefore one of the best options for vegetarians as well.

  • This is because the fruit is very easy to digest.

2.4 Lower Blood Sugar Level

Peach is one of the 5 best fruits for diabetics that help in lowering blood sugar levels. Since it contains a lot of;

  • Fiber and
  • Complex carbohydrates,

It helps lower the blood sugar level and prevent diabetes.

2.4.1 Helps in Weight Loss

This fruit is also low in fats and calories, making it a good choice if you want to lose weight.

  • However, this doesn’t mean you can eat as much of it as you want.

2.4.2 Add a Suitable Amount of Peach in Diet

Too much of anything can have a negative effect, so one must make sure that their diet does not consist of too much of it.

  • A diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables is highly recommended if you are trying to maintain healthy lifestyle.
5 Best Fruits for Diabetics 5
Benefits of Peach for Diabetics

2.5 Reliable for Natural Remedies for Diabetes

This one of the 5 best fruits for diabetics is the cheapest and most reliable natural remedy for diabetic conditions.

  • If you are going to use any other kind of treatment for your condition, you will only get a placebo or some form of artificial ingredient.

One good thing about this fruit is that it can be used in any form you like.

  • You can either eat it raw or you can use it in cooking.
  • It can even be mixed with other fruits to have that delicious smoothie in the morning.

2.6 Presence of Natural Antioxidants

It contains natural antioxidants. If you are suffering from diabetes,

  • It is a must that you include fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

This is because diabetic diseases are triggered by free radicals in the body.

  • These free radicals are made by eating unhealthy food items and pollution around us.

2.7 Source of Potassium

Peaches are rich in potassium and can therefore lower blood sugar levels.

  • Aside from that, it can also increase your good cholesterol levels and help you maintain a healthy heart.

So, when it comes to foods that have the benefits of peach fruit for diabetics, this fruit tops the list!

3. Grapefruit

Third, on the list of 5 best fruits for diabetics is grapefruit. There are a few things that every diabetic needs in their daily diet when they have been diagnosed with diabetes. They need vitamins and minerals, which come from fruits and vegetables. This is what grapefruit for diabetics is all about.

The benefits of this fruit are quite amazing to those who have been using it as a healthy substitute for other kinds of food that are not as healthy.

5 Best Fruits for Diabetics 6
Grapefruits for Diabetics

3.1 Lowers the Blood Sugar Level

When it comes to eating, it is important that you keep your blood sugar low so that you do not become too hungry and want to eat more.

  • This is what causes a person’s blood sugar level to rise.

3.1.1 Low in Fat and Sodium

  • In order to keep your blood sugar levels low, you must stick to eating foods that are low in fat and sodium like grapefruit.

3.1.2 Strengthen Immune System

Eating this one of the 5 best fruits for diabetics is the best way to ensure that your immune system stays strong;

  • You do not suffer from any food allergies or diseases caused by eating particular kinds of foods.

3.2 Anti-diabetic Properties

The primary benefits of this one of the 5 best fruits for diabetics are its anti-diabetic properties.

3.2.1 Lower Blood Sugar

Low blood sugar is a serious risk factor for diabetics. Therefore,

  • Reducing sugar intake through food can significantly help diabetics maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

3.2.2 Prevent Other Health Conditions

  • These can help prevent even more serious health conditions, such as obesity and heart disease.
5 Best Fruits for Diabetics 7
Benefits of Grapefruits for Diabetes

3.3 Rich in Vitamins

This one of the 5 best fruits for diabetics is also rich in vitamins. Specifically,

  • It contains vitamin C, which can strengthen the body against bacteria and viruses.

3.3.1 Control Glucose Levels

Furthermore, this fruit can help diabetics control their blood glucose levels as well as regulate the hormone insulin.

3.3.2 Provide Energy

By providing enough energy,

  • These 5 best fruits for diabetics can also provide comfort during the diabetic’s bedtime and after waking up in the morning.

3.4 Use Pureed form of Grapefruit

When eating grapefruit, diabetics should make sure that it is pureed.

  • It is better to choose fresh than canned, because the latter tends to have added sugar to compensate for its canned nature.

This practice ensures that the sugar in the fruit is not wasted because of its addition to other foods.

  • However, diabetics should still pay attention to the serving size of food, particularly those that are served raw or at room temperature.

3.5 Insulin Resistance

One of the interesting facts about grapefruit and people suffering from diabetes is the effect it has on insulin resistance.

  • Insulin resistance is something that affects millions of people worldwide.

The result is that your blood sugar level does not remain stable which can lead to different diseases such as blindness and heart disease.

4. Plums

Next on the list of 5 best fruits for diabetics are plums. There are various benefits of plums for diabetic people. It is a very tasty fruit, which is good for people with diabetes. It is easy to digest and low in sugar level, which makes it a good food for people who have diabetes.

5 Best Fruits for Diabetics 8
Plums for Diabetics

4.1 Maintain Stable Glucose Level

Although it depends on your body type, diabetic patients usually need less than 20 grams of carbohydrates per day for maintaining stable blood glucose levels.


  • When you are consuming plums, you do not have to count the grams


  • Prunes are naturally low in calories and
  • Most diabetics find it easier to consume plums in moderate quantities rather than high-calorie dessert.

4.2 Reduce Absorption of Fat

High fiber content is another great feature of this one of the 5 best fruits for diabetics as the fiber helps reduce the absorption of fat from the food you eat.

4.2.1 Slow Down the Glycolysis

Fruits and vegetables that have high fiber contents are recommended to diabetics because

  • They tend to slow down the process of glycolysis (breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose) that can contribute to developing diabetes.

4.2.2 Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

Aside from fiber, plums for diabetics also contain nutrients that are good for reducing blood sugar levels. Some of these nutrients are;

  • Potassium,
  • Iron,
  • Manganese,
  • Calcium,
  • Magnesium,
  • Phosphorus,
  • Sodium, and
  • Potassium.
5 Best Fruits for Diabetics 9
Benefits of Plums for Diabetics

4.3 Appetite Suppressant

An added benefit of consuming this one of the 5 best fruits for diabetics is that it is a natural appetite suppressant.

  • Many diabetics are overweight and their blood sugar levels are usually higher during the day when they consume food.

When they consume this natural appetite suppressant,

  • They can reduce the amount of food that they eat which leads to weight loss.

The recommended amount of taking plums daily is from four to five grams per kilogram of body mass.

4.4 Recommended Amount of Plums

Diabetics should consume a minimum of one-fourth cup of plums per day.

  • They should consume it in its unpeeled state.

At this stage of its freshness, it has a very low glycemic index (GI).

  • This means it has low absorption rates and adequate amounts of minerals, thus helping diabetics control their blood sugar levels.

5. Pears

Last on the list of 5 best fruits for diabetics are pears. Many people prefer eating foods that are low in fat, but when it comes to pears, they seem to enjoy them just about as much as those who do not suffer from diabetes. Pears are rich in fiber and beta-carotene and are commonly used as food additives.

5 Best Fruits for Diabetics 10
Pears for Diabetes

5.1 Two Beneficial Factors

The beta-carotene in the pear has been linked to lowering blood sugar levels.

  • Beta-carotene can help prevent heart disease and is considered an antioxidant.

These two factors combine to make the pears beneficial to diabetics.

5.2 Packed with Nutrients

Besides of their high fiber content, this one of the 5 best fruits for diabetics is also packed with nutrients.

5.2.1 Vitamin C

  • The pears are rich in vitamin C, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants.

This nutrient is linked to a reduced risk of cancer and stroke.

5.2.2 Vitamin K

A Vitamin K deficiency has also been linked to an increased risk of colon cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

5.3 Reduce Stress and Fatigue

It is also believed that pears help to reduce stress and fatigue.

5.3.1 Tryptophan

This is because the juice contains tryptophan, a type of serotonin that helps to reduce mental and physical fatigue. Benefits of Tryptophan

Tryptophan is also a muscle relaxant, which means that,

  • The same properties that make it a muscle relaxant in humans can also make it a muscle relaxant in animals.
5 Best Fruits for Diabetics 11
Benefits of Pears for Diabetics

5.3.1 Drinking Pear Juice

Therefore, a glass of fresh pears can help a diabetic to relax and cope with daily stress and fatigue.

5.4 High Amount of Dietary Fiber

One of the most important benefits of this one in the list of 5 best fruits for diabetics is that it has a high amount of dietary fiber.

  • A diet that is high in dietary fiber helps to maintain a healthy body weight.

As a result of a high fiber diet,

  • A diabetic can reduce his or her weight and have a healthier body weight.

5.5 Regulate Levels of Insulin

Finally, pears are rich in potassium, which is a mineral that regulates insulin levels.

  • Insulin plays an important role in a sugar-control program.


  • If a diabetic wants to reduce his or her blood sugar levels, a diet rich in potassium and tryptophan will help.

Pears are a very good choice when it comes to controlling diabetes and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

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