Benefits of Guava for the Skin

Benefits of Guava for the Skin

You may have heard about the benefits of guava for the skin. This green fruit has been used since ancient times for its medicinal properties. Modern research has shown these benefits to be true.

1. Absorption of Vitamins In Skin

The skin absorbs vitamins A, C, E and K easily due to its high water content. Many of us have realized that we need these vitamins especially in colder months. The main reason why we need these vitamins is that the skin is the largest organ in the body and it needs these minerals in large quantities to function well. Many people believe that fruits and vegetables are not good for skin health because they contain too much of these vitamins and minerals. However, what most people do not know is that fruits and vegetables contain a lot of the vitamins that are beneficial for our skin.

2. Natural Skin Toner

This fact helps to explain one of the benefits of guava for the skin, which is its use as a natural skin toner. Most of us tend to forget that skin gets dirty and thus requires regular cleaning and removing dead skin cells. But thanks to its natural antibacterial property, guavas can be used to cleanse the skin without causing any irritation. In fact, its anti-bacterial effect can help reduce acne that has grown around the skin pores.

3. Reduce Blemishes and Scars

The minerals and vitamins found in this fruit can also help reduce blemishes and scars. Studies show that the fruits are very effective in improving the immune system and removing toxins from the body. Moreover, vitamin c, potassium and iron are also obtained when guava is mashed and consumed. These minerals can be very beneficial in the treatment of chronic illness and diseases.

4. Health Skin Free from Dark Spots

As a part of preventive care, eating guava provides several benefits for those who want to look young and fresh-looking. It keeps the skin healthy and free from dark spots. It also improves the skin’s appearance as well as removing the dark spots. Moreover, this fruit is one of the best fruits that can reduce dark spots and fine lines.

5. Protection from UV Rays

Guava fruit contains unique flavour, unique to this region, but its nutritional value is very strong. One of the vitamins contained in the fruit is vitamin A. This vitamin helps to protect the skin from damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Since it is dark green in colour, the fruit is also good for the eyes. There are other beneficial effects from guava too including protection from viruses, preventing bacterial infections, preventing tooth decay, preventing gum disease, strengthening the immune system, improving digestion and more.

6. Keep Cells and Tissues Healthy

Vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients needed by the body to keep strong healthy cells and tissues. Vitamin C has many benefits and is especially important to hair health. It helps to keep the follicles and root intact. Vitamin C can improve circulation and improve overall health by increasing the resiliency of the immune system.

7. Reduce Fine-lines and Wrinkles

Manuka honey is another beneficial ingredient found in guava face masks. It has been shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by promoting cell rejuvenation. It also helps to retain moisture and replenish collagen. It helps to prevent premature aging and signs of sun damage. Other beneficial ingredients include manganese, copper, iron, zinc and selenium. Each of these vitamins help to maintain healthy skin.

8. Prevent Skin Problems

One of the benefits of guava for the skin is that, not only does guava provides excellent anti-oxidants to help combat the free radical damage that causes skin problems but it also contains vitamins and minerals that improve the immune system. In order to maintain good overall health you must ensure that you are getting the recommended daily value of each vitamin C, E and K. If you don’t you could be at risk of disease and illness. As well as skin problems, poor health may lead to other serious problems including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and osteoporosis.

9. Production of Collagen

As well as being rich in nutrients and vitamins, guava provides essential fatty acids which are necessary for the skin to produce collagen. Collagen is one of the main proteins in connective tissue and is responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Without collagen, skin breaks easily and it becomes obvious that the skin loses its youthful appearance. Vitamins C and E are also present in the skin but it is suggested that vitamin c should be taken in moderation while vitamin e is not recommended for use over night because it may cause reddening of the face.

10. Skin Regeneration and Hair Growth

Furthermore, drinking the guava fruit juice daily provides additional vitamin C, which is useful for skin regeneration and hair growth. In addition, eating strawberries regularly will provide the mineral potassium which helps in the regulation of blood pressure and pulse. Thus, consuming these two fruits will provide many health benefits. So, go on and try this new kind of diet!

11. Maintain Healthy Skin

One of the benefits of guava for the skin is that it is also rich in vitamins A, D, E and K. All of these vitamins play an important role in maintaining healthy skin. There are also some important natural antioxidants in Guava that help to naturally combat free radicals. Free radicals in our bodies cause a wide range of problems such as cancer, heart disease, stress and skin damage.

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