Sweetcorn Gold Seed


The Sweetcorn Gold Plant can be obtained through gardening or by using the World of Warcraft Auction House. This plant is available from the Horde side, which can be found at the Horde camp north of the village of Un’goro. You will have to do some legwork before you are able to obtain this plant. For instance, if you want to acquire a plant that is not only beautiful but also can be used in your WoW profession, then you need to focus on obtaining the Sweetcorn Gold Plant for the Horde side.

The Sweetcorn Gold Plant comes with two specializations, one of which is the “Stalker” specialization which allows it to move about without anyone being able to tell where the plant is and another specialization which is the “Swampland Hunter” specialization which allows it to gain extra gold during combat.

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