Tarragon Russian Seed


The Tarragon Russian Plant is a member of the Strychnos genus. It is native to central Asia but is also known as the Siberian poppy and the European poppy. This plant is grown in Russia, China, and Tibet. It produces a dark-purple flower that resembles the St. John’s wort but with a more muted scent and stronger odor. In Europe, the flowers grow in the regions surrounding Prague and Vienna.

There are two types of this type of Tarragon, the St. Johns and the St. Barbara. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The Tarragon Russian Plant is more commonly used for herbal supplements. The St. Barbara is grown primarily for its stigmas and resins. Both flowers have been used for centuries as remedies for fatigue, depression, and anxiety. In Europe, the Tarragon Russian Plant is sold as St. John’s wort.

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