Sweetcorn Bicolour Seed


The sweetcorn Bicolour is easy to care for plant. They love warm weather and they do well in full sun. This plant does not require a lot of maintenance and it looks great even in containers. It is not a flower berry but rather has an underground stem that produces the flowers on the surface. This flower berry looks like cherry blossom and has a very sweet taste.

Sweetcorn is very easy to grow because it can survive in almost any environment. It will tolerate some heat but not extremely hot temperatures. A little water is all you need to keep this plant healthy. To make sure that you have an abundance of these flowers, you must give them plenty of light each day. It is best to fertilize your sweetcorn at the same time each week but after that, you can apply fertilizer as often as you want. To keep your plants from drying out it is important that you water them daily to help prevent wilting.

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