Squash Sunburst Seed


Squash Sunburst Plants is so beautiful. Beautiful juicy pan variety fruit. Fruit size varies from a few ounces up to several pounds. Each packet contains twenty seeds Sow outside at least 4 weeks before the normal last frost date and plant out in 50 days. Plant spread is usually about twelve inches. Flowers bloom from early spring through mid-summer.

The perfect place for these gorgeous plants is a sunny window, deck, or garden spot. You can plant as many as you wish, but be sure that the sunlight does not get too far away. Sunlight can fade plant foliage if you allow them to get too much direct sunlight. The best part about these Squash Sunburst plants is that they are self-sufficient. They need no special attention to flourish. As long as the conditions of their home are just right, they will do fine.

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