Spinach Perpetual Seed


Spinach Perpetual Plant is an incredible little vegetable that is grown mostly for the purpose of producing delicious fresh salads. The plant can grow to be as tall as fifteen feet, with small spindly stalks and large leaves that are white or cream in color. These plants do need a lot of water so it is a good idea to provide them with a fountain type of water feature that can run all year long. Not only do they look nice but they help to keep the roots from drying out.

The Spinach Perpetual Plant is also very easy to care for, especially if you live in a climate that has a lot of snow during the winter months. The leaves on the plant actually turn white when they are exposed to the winter air. Once the plant starts to produce new leaves they will become very green and even have a red tint to them. When the plant does begin to leaf out, it will grow very fast and be ready to harvest within two weeks.

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