Stevia Sweet Leaf Seed


Stevia Sweet Leaf Plant is a plant that is native to the Central and Southern American regions. It has been used for centuries by the natives of these regions as a substitute for sugar. This Stevia Sweet Leaf Plant has been used for many different uses. It has recently gained some notoriety as being an effective weight loss supplement. When it comes to weight loss, the two best forms of it are refined and unrefined. Both refined and unrefined Stevia contain sugar. Refined is processed differently than unrefined.

Stevia Sweet Leaf Plant that is processed is called “artificial sweetener”. These are often found in foods like cereal bars and snack foods. They are very inexpensive and can be found in most grocery stores. Stevia sweet leaves are the best source of antioxidants when compared to artificial sweeteners. Antioxidants work against free radicals that cause disease and aging.


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