A popular succulent suitable for low maintenance landscaping or for pots, Nola’s Pride or Narrow Chalk Sticks is increasingly being used in landscape and garden designs, though it’s not recommended as an indoor plant. A lowgrowing succulent shrub reaching to 60cm tall and spreading up to 1.5m wide, it forms a large, dense shrub over time. It features thin tubular leaves of a pale blue colour, held on semi-prostrate stems, and small, pale, daisy-like flowers. Once established, Nola’s Pride has low water needs but requires at least four hours of direct sun per day. Perfect for the waterwise garden, but also works well as a balcony or patio plant. Very easy to grow. SENECIO NOLA’S PRIDE is ideal for growing in pots and containers for balconies and terraces and as a statement piece on table tops or sideboards. A fabulous living gift when pl anted in a decorative pot.

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