Basil Marian Seed


The Basil Marian plant is a tropical evergreen with large dark green leaves and flowers that are borne in clusters, usually in the summer. It is a member of the Marantaceae or the “Maraschino” family of plants. The Basil Marian plant is native to Madagascar but is now planted all over the world. The Basil Marian is an evergreen vine plant that requires fairly cool weather in order to grow. It has a very fast-growing habit, which means it will grow fast in pots and can be replanted when you need more than one plant.

Basil Marian can withstand most conditions including frost and the acidic soil condition of many areas. Basil Marian can also tolerate drought, although if it is not watered for long periods it will die. In its native habitat Basil Marian grows on the ground in a cluster of small, round to oval green leaves. When it is growing outdoors in tropical areas Basil Marian grows up to three feet tall.

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