Fern Pom Pom Tissue Culture


The Fern Pom Pom Plant is a member of the fern family. This type of fern grows up to 3 feet tall and has gray, cream, or yellow leaves. This kind of fern usually grows in moist tropical forests. If you want to buy or grow a Fern Pom, you should know more about this interesting plant.

A Fern Pom Pom Plant is a member of the class of palms which are familiar to most people as tomatoes. This kind of fern has got two-foot-tall flowers which bloom purple, pink or white.

They are widely found in sunny and tropical climate areas. In the wild, these plants are quite common and they are part of the fern family, which also includes the azalea and cycad tree families. If you have ferns in your home or garden, you might not be aware of their other names since most of us call them by their common name

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