Ways to Organize Plant Containers in Garden

Ways to Organize Plant Containers in Garden

Learning about the ways to organize plant containers in garden can help you keep your plants healthy, disease-free and also easy to maintain. Plants need to be cared for and stored properly especially if they are going to be part of a container garden. Having a good plan will allow you to do it right every time. Here is what you need to know about how to choose containers for your plants.

1. Different Ways of Organizing the Plants

Once you have decided on the container type and established which flowers and plants you want in the middle of your container garden, you should think about the placement.

There are two ways toto organize plant containers in garden:

1.1 Formal Way

The formal arrangement is the traditional one wherein each plant is placed in its own little corner with its own pot. This is the best arrangement if you have tall plants and long grass in your flower garden.

1.2 Informal Way

The informal arrangement is what most container gardeners do.

2. Choosing the Types of Plant Containers

You have several options when choosing the type of container for your plants. Pots come in various sizes, shapes and colors that allow you to have a lot of creativity when designing your layout.

They are made from clay, plastic, glass and also wood. They are available in many materials that are specifically designed for specific purposes. Clay pots are known for being the sturdiest among all containers and it’s also very easy to clean.

2.1 Plastic Containers

Plastic containers are lightweight, convenient and cheap. They don’t hold the plants well and tend to break easily when exposed to too much light.

2.2 Glass Containers

Glass is another popular choice for container garden as it allows more light to penetrate into the soil for your plants. Wood can last longer than the other materials mentioned above. When choosing containers for your container garden, consider the type of plant you have and the shape and size of the pot that will suit best for your plants.

3. Using Plants that Grow Sideways

If you have plants that grow sideways or that are not upright, choose round or rectangular pots for these kinds of plants. These are commonly known as “bean balls” or “perella balls”. Decide if you are going to use a water-holding container or a soil-holding container for your plants. Water-holding containers tend to last longer than the soil-holding containers and are often cheaper too.

4. Ways to Arrange Plants

There are many different ways to arrange plants in your garden. A famous gardening celebrity once said that when it comes to designing gardens, the flowers are last, the vegetables are first and the fruits come last. It may not be true, but it does have a point. Most of us like our fruits and vegetables to be in the middle of the garden where they can receive the maximum amount of sunshine. Taller containers allow the flowers to get the sun they need without spreading their roots too far.

5. In-Ground Containers

Plant pots are now sold in most garden centers. If you have an in-ground container garden, you will also find pots for it. The problem with using a pot is that you cannot easily move it around. When you want to rearrange the plants, you have to dig up the entire container. With an in-ground container, you simply lift the container and place it in the spot where you want the plants. You do not even have to move the pots when you want to rearrange them. These containers should be placed at one place so that there would be no need of rearranging them.

6. Use Clear Plastic Containers In Beginning

You will definitely benefit from having a clear plastic container that is easy to see. If you are just starting out with container gardening, you should use clear plastic. As you know, container gardening is very popular nowadays. Using the clear containers will be helpful for you because they are easy to clean and the plants will be save from many pests and diseases.

7. Conclusion

There are many different ways to organize plant containers in the garden but it totally depends on your personal preference and a person can design his own garden according to his interests by using a variety of plants and pots available for gardening.

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