Moving Heavy Plant Containers to New Locations

Moving Heavy Plant Containers to New Locations

When you decide to move your plant pots to another location, there are a few things that you need to consider. There are pros and cons to each method of moving heavy plant containers to new locations and you need to know what you are doing so that you will not make any mistakes.

1. Things to Consider Before Moving Plants

1.1 Consider the Weight of Plant Containers

The first thing you need to do is consider the amount of weight you will be lifting and moving. Many moving heavy plant containers to new locations require at least two people to move them, even if they are very heavy. This is due to the fact that they are so heavy and they can tip over. In some instances, moving them by yourself may be sufficient, but it is not a good idea.

1.2 Consider Where You are Moving the Plants

The second thing you should consider when you are moving plants is where you are moving them. Do you need to move the container completely or just a few feet farther than where you currently reside? In some cases, you can simply stack a few of the containers on top of one another and this will work. However, in other cases you will have to purchase a forklift to move the container.

2. Using a Pallet for Moving Plant Containers

A third consideration for moving heavy plant containers to new locations is if you are using a pallet for the container. Some moving companies will use a forklift to move the container, but many use pallets. There are several advantages to using a pallet in moving a container.

2.1 Advantages of Using Pallet

  • The first advantage is that it provides more stability for the plant container, which will reduce the chance of tipping over.
  • The second advantage is that the pallet provides a much cleaner surface. When you move containers with plants on them, sometimes dirt, grass, insects, or other objects can get into the plant pots. This can be especially problematic during the springtime when the plants are growing very fast. If you can prevent the dirt from getting inside the container by putting a tarp over the container or covering the container with a plastic tarp, you will eliminate the potential problem of dirt getting inside the plants.

3. Using Plant Dollies for Moving Plant Containers

When it comes to moving heavy plant containers to new locations, one of the most useful heavy duty moving tools is a pair of plant dollies. These cute little tools are very effective for lifting and moving plant pots from one floor to another. The great thing about plant dollies is that they can be found at just about any nursery or gardening supply store. There are several different kinds of dollies that you can choose from depending on the size and the shape of your heavy potted plant. These dollies can also come in different colors, styles, sizes, and designs which make them very versatile to use.

3.1 Safety of Plants While Moving with Dollies

One of the most important things to remember when using dollies to move heavy pots or containers is safety. You need to ensure that you have enough experience using these dollies before you get started. If you are moving an extremely tall or heavy plant, then you should consider buying a set of dollies. For smaller or lighter plants, you will be fine just using the basic dollies that are available in most gardening supply stores. Just remember to move these slowly and carefully so that you don’t damage or break the stem of the plant.

4. Using Ropes for Moving Plant Containers

Using these instruments to move plant pots is easier than you think. Some people believe they use ropes, but these instruments can be a lot safer. Ropes can break, and when you are carrying two heavy pots, you don’t want to take the chance. If something does happen, you will likely have no other choice but to drop the two beautiful creations you worked so hard for.

5. Conclusion

These instruments are much safer, and you can move one at a time. If you are using standard equipment, you may want to bring an assistant along. It can be difficult to balance two very heavy items. It can also be hard to concentrate if you have to hold both objects. Remember, these instruments were designed to make your job simpler, not harder!

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