Tips to Grow Guava Trees in the Garden

Tips to Grow Guava Trees in the Garden

Tips to grow guava trees in the garden is a common question asked by gardeners around the world. These succulents are easy to care for and will make a colorful addition to your garden. The tips below will be helpful in creating an attractive garden using these plants.

1. Provide Right Conditions

You can easily grow guava in your garden. It is not hard at all and it will take care of itself. The most important thing is to have the right conditions for it to grow properly. One of the first things that you need to do is to create the correct soil. It is very important that the soil that you use for your guava is not acidic or that it contains a lot of salt.

2. Provide Good Amount of Sunlight

One important tip about growing any kind of fruit or vegetable is that it needs plenty of sunlight. Guava foliage will grow much better with some sun. It is recommended that you provide a good amount of sunlight each day. If you live somewhere that gets little or no sunlight, you may consider growing one indoors. This will help them get all the sunshine they need.

3. Know About Pruning the Plant

If you have just bought or grown guava from seed, you must know how to prune the plants. You should always do pruning after each harvest to remove the dead and broken off branches. If you already have some plants at home and want to introduce new plants, you should do it gradually so that you don’t scare the existing ones. Just make sure that you keep them healthy so that you don’t have problems later on.

4. Feeding the Guava Plants

Fertilizing and mixing fertilizer is very important when you introduce new plants in your garden. Do not wait until they bloom to use fertilizers. You can start applying them at least a month before you expect the plants to produce their fruits. In addition, you can also mix some bark dust from your own yard to ensure proper fertilization.

4.1 Do Not Over-feed

Do not over feed the plant, as this can cause the plant to become sickly. You must learn how to choose the best feeding solution based on the plant that you have. If you feel that the soil is too dry, you can water your plant but if it is too moist, you should avoid using water.

5. Use Good-Drainage Soil

Another one of the tips to help you grow guava is by making sure that the soil where the plant is growing is rich and has good drainage. Watering the plant encourages growth and encourages the plant to grow. Another thing that you must remember is to provide adequate and sufficient amount of sunlight to the plant. This will also ensure that the plant will remain healthy.

6. Mulch After Watering

It is very important to mulch your plant after each watering. This will help retain moisture, reduce the loss of water from evaporation and prevent the roots from drying out. Another thing you should know about the mulching process is that it should be done before the plant starts to bloom. You should mulch the plant a few weeks before you expect the flowers to appear. It is better to mulch the whole root system rather than using a single layer.

7. Avoid Pesticides or Herbicides

Do not spray the plant with pesticides or herbicides. These chemicals can affect the growth of the plant and cause it to wither and die. The herbicide that you are using for your guava should be organic. There are many commercial herbicides available in the market but they are not organic and will damage the health of your guava. If you want to grow guava in your backyard, then you should be very careful and conscious while using these chemicals.

8. Use Healthy Soil

A beautiful and healthy plant requires an equally beautiful and healthy soil to grow in. You can grow guava trees in your garden by ensuring that the soil is rich in nutrients. It should also be made slightly acidic to provide adequate drainage and water holding capacity. Improper irrigation and poor soil can also kill a tree so make sure you are able to do proper irrigation. Watering the plants becomes very difficult when the soil is dry. These tips to grow guava trees in the garden will definitely help you take good care of the tree.

9. Be Patient

Growing a guava tree demands patience. One should not expect their guava tree to bloom in a snap. One has to be patient and ensure that the growth is well sustained. If your efforts are being thwarted by insects, weeds or pests, then you have to pull up the plants and replant them at a different location.

10. Conclusion

These are some of the tips to grow guava trees in the backyard. It may require patience and hard work but the results are all worth it. You will be proud of your effort and will have your own garden. It can prove to be a great hobby or a source of income too. If you do not have the time to tend to your vegetables, you can always depend on these tips to grow guava.

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