Tips to Grow Cranberries in the Garden

Tips to Grow Cranberries in the Garden

It may sound funny but it’s true – there are several different tips to grow cranberries in the garden. You can be the next cranberry royalty. However, if you are thinking that this means you have to spend loads of money on growing the berries in the garden, think again. You don’t have to spend a fortune – in fact, growing them is much cheaper than buying them at a supermarket or farmer’s market. Here are some more tips for growing the fruits that have so far escaped your attention.

1. Protection from Weeds and Pests

The first tip for growing them is that you need to protect them. Protecting your crop from weeds, animals and other pests takes time but it will pay off in the long run. If you don’t have a thick layer of soil, plant perennials. Choose plants that require less water so that you don’t bog them down. Make sure that you plant them away from any large rocks or woody areas.

2. Fertilizing and Irrigation                                           

You should also consider fertilizing and irrigation as soon as you plant them. Don’t wait until later. If you use fertilizer, don’t apply too much. Instead, use a light application every two weeks during the growing season. If you keep the fertilizer on the lower side, your garden will remain green all year round – it’s that simple.

3. Watering

Watering is another important factor. You should water only at nighttime when the soil is dry. You can also choose to water your garden just once a week – no more, no less. When winter comes, it’s a good idea to water your garden just once a week – not more than that.

4. Add Compost in the Soil

You also need to take some special care of the soil in your garden. Some experts say that you should add compost to the soil. This will help the soil retain moisture better. Other experts suggest adding lime juice to your soil. These simple tips to grow cranberries in the garden will help your fruits grow properly.

5. Best Location for Cranberry Plants

In order for your fruits to grow to their maximum potential, they need lots of suns and fresh air. Choose a location that gets at least 6 hours of sunshine each day. This will allow your cranberries to grow into an abundance of wonderful colors – black, red, purple, and green. Choose a sunny spot that will receive little or no wind – a location where it will be nearly impossible to go to storage and retrieve your fruit. Cranberries love the warmth of the sun and this will make it easier for them to reach their maximum potential.

6. Plant in Loose Soil

Another one of the great tips to grow cranberries in the garden is to plant them in loose soil. To do this, simply choose soil that is as rich in nutrients as you can afford. Try to avoid any type of fertilizer that may be labeled “fertile” – this is simply not true! Instead, choose a soil that is just right for growing healthy plants that will grow and thrive. This is not hard to do, as there are plenty of excellent resources out there that will help you in this matter.

7. Plant in Containers

One of the great tips to grow cranberries in the garden is to plant them in containers. These can be purchased at your local nursery and they make growing these fruits so much easier than ever before. Just remember that you don’t have to use potting soil – you can use just about any organic soil that you would get from your local garden store. However, you will find that there are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you are going to be growing them in containers.

8. Use Mulch

You should also consider using mulch when it comes to your plants. You will find that they can thrive in areas with rich soil if you provide them with some at the base and around the plants as well. They will also need to be protected from severe wind if you live in a stormy area or a very sunny one. You can easily find mulch that you can use around your garden if you take the time to search around. Make sure that you keep an eye on the soil around your plants because this can help you determine what type of mulch would work the best.

9. Conclusion

There are many different tips to grow cranberries in the garden that can help you get the most out of your efforts. This fruit is easy to grow and can produce fresh, delicious berries year-round. You should consider planting these plants in your garden if you want to grow them properly.

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