Slow Release Fertilizers for Container Gardening

Slow Release Fertilizers for Container Gardening

When it comes to slow release fertilizers for container gardening, you may be wondering what exactly they are. In a nutshell, slow release fertilizers contain materials that slow down the rate at which plant roots absorb nutrients. This allows plants to get all the nutrients they need without as much worry about running out before the season is over. These types of slow release fertilizers also make it easier for plants to recover from the stress of transplanting and taking up new space in the garden.

Types of Slow Release Fertilizers

There are several types of slow release fertilizers available on the market today. It’s best to know a little bit about the various types so that you can choose the slowest one for your plants. One type of slow release fertilizer contains nitrates.

These slow release fertilizers are often used by homeowners who have shallow soils and slow release fertilizers are an excellent way to increase nutrient retention in these soils. High levels of nitrates can cause the soil to become unhealthy and slow-release fertilizers are a good way to make the soil more healthy.

Nitrates and Nitrites Containing Slow Release Fertilizers

Other slow release fertilizers include nitrates and nitrites. These types of slow release fertilizers work well with clay and slow release fertilizers are most often used to fertilize hardwood and rock gardens as well as with slow release soil plugs. Clay slow release fertilizers are slow to release but release nutrients slowly after the plant has been established. Nitrites are very slow to release but release their nutrients very quickly once the plant is established.

Slow Release Fertilizers Containing Plant Hormones

Some slow release fertilizers contain plant hormones. These slow-release fertilizers help plants grow healthier by increasing their production of growth hormones. Plants which are fast growing usually need a higher level of these hormones in order to grow tall and strong. The slow release fertilizers stimulate these hormones to aid in the rapid growth of plants. This is beneficial for your plants’ health because the high level of the hormones help to prevent diseases which can be harmful to your plants.

Nitrogen-Containing Slow Release Fertilizers

Nitrogen is another very important ingredient in the slow release fertilizers. Nitrogen is used to speed up plant growth and give them strength. It is also used for making leaf buds and other foods that are eaten by your garden plants. If you are unfamiliar with how much of each chemical to use, it is suggested that you consult a book or a professional before you start using any of these products in your container gardening. There are a few things to keep in mind when using slow-release fertilizers for container gardening; you should only use slow release fertilizers which are specifically designed for container gardening and you should always follow the package directions carefully.

Water the Plants Only when it is Necessary

You should take care not to over apply any of these products to your plants. You do not want to water the soil too much with any of these fertilizers. When watering your plants, only do it when necessary. Watering your plants too often will make it harder for your plants to absorb the fertilizer into their roots. Also, since the fertilizer acts as a fertilizer, it may also slow down the nitrogen process and the plants may not grow as fast after the initial application of the fertilizer.

Do not Mix Slow Release Fertilizers In Soil of Garden

You will need to mix the slow release fertilizers for container gardening in the soil of your garden. Do not just sprinkle them on the top of your soil. Put the fertilizer on the soil in areas where your plants are growing especially around the growing points of your plants. Be careful not to put the slow release fertilizers on top of the soil where the roots are still growing. This will make it hard for your plants to absorb the nutrients from the fertilizer.

Follow all the Directions Carefully

It is important to follow all of the directions on the package or label on the slow release fertilizers for container gardening. If you do not follow the instructions, you can end up with more problems than you started with. You do not want to have slow release fertilizers for container gardening that will not work because you did not follow the directions.

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