Essential tools for Potting Plants

Essential tools for Potting Plants

You might have heard of essential tools for potting plants but are you aware that there are many more? Potting is a craft activity especially for growing herbs, plants, and even flowers in pots. Therefore, the first thing you should do before starting potting activities is to have all the necessary tools. What tools are needed for potting plants in containers?

Ideal Potting Soil

First of all you need to purchase an ideal potting soil that is made for the type of plant you want to grow. It must be loose so that the roots will be able to get the oxygen needed. It should also be rich in nutrients. Potting soil is sold at garden stores but if you cannot find any then you can improvise by using compost or grass clippings.

You can also buy plants in potting soil. However, there are some people who think that this is an unnecessary investment. You need not buy potting soil as there are plenty of potting soil that you can easily mix into the soil of your garden.

Pots with Fast Draining Quality

If you want your plants to grow fast and healthy then you should choose the pots with fast draining quality. The pots which have a layer of gravel on the bottom are ideal. Also use good quality pots with fine mesh screen. This will help your plants to get enough air. Good drainage is also important as it helps to prevent diseases inside the plants. This means that you need to choose plants that are not having root problems so you can use this potting tools.

Scraps of Plants

Scraps of plants can also be used. This includes dried leaves and branches. However, some plants are not suitable for this purpose as they can contain fungi. Bamboo pieces can also be used but make sure you wash them well. If you are new at gardening then you can start with plants that you can easily maintain and grow on.

Sharp Potting Fork

A sharp potting fork should be used when you are going to clean the leaves and other debris from the pots. There are different types of forks available. You can choose from plastic, metal or wooden ones. Also you can use a pair of pliers to pull out stems. Before you actually dig the plants out of the container, you should put some soil inside so that the roots will get enough room to grow.

Compost Bin

It is a good idea to have a compost bin with you while you are going to pot your plants. You can use these bins to store organic waste material so that you don’t have to do your part of the composting process yourself. You can purchase or make a compost bin from home. This is one of the most useful of all the tools. It will also save you money as you won’t have to buy fertilizers.

Varieties of Pots

There are different kinds of plants that you can pot. But it is not necessary that you have to purchase new pots for every kind of plants. What you need to do is just to stock up your plants with enough pots until you need to change their pots. Also you don’t need to stock up all the plants in your garden as your home has enough space for all your plants.

Pots Made of Glass are Easy to Maintain

If you are looking to buy pots for your growing plants then you should get those which are made of glass. These pots are very easy to maintain. They are strong and they won’t break easily. So when choosing plant pots – go for the best quality pots which are made of the strongest materials like glass, ceramic, terracotta clay or pottery.

Plants in Pots contain Natural Nutrients

You can also buy plants in pots, which come with natural nutrients in them. This is very convenient for the people who are new at potting. They don’t have to worry about purchasing fertilizers for their plants. But if you already have plants that need regular fertilizing then you should use compost so that your plants won’t die due to lack of nutrients.

Use Starter Plants Initially

You can start off with starter plants that are available in the nurseries. They give you an opportunity to get familiar with the basic tools required for potting plants in containers. These starter plants also help you understand the requirements which plants have to face in a specific place. They are perfect for people who live in areas that are prone to harsh climatic conditions. Once you get to know more about gardening, you can easily take up bigger and more ambitious projects which would surely keep you occupied for years to come.

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