Oregano Seed


Oregano Plant is a popular herb grown mostly in North America. The popularity of this herb is not just due to its culinary use, but also due to its medical uses. According to many medical experts, Oregano Plant is known to possess medicinal properties which can cure various ailments. There are many medical types of research conducted regarding the effectiveness of the Oregano Plant to cure various illnesses. Medical researches suggest that Oregano Plant has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties that can help to prevent infections in the human body.

Oil of Oregano Plant is a natural oil extracted from the oregano herb. The oil contains several important nutrients like Vitamin A, D, B5, and E along with antibiotic properties. Research shows that Oregano Oil can help in stomach irritability, indigestion, and digestive disorders, respiratory problems, and respiratory infections. Research also shows that Oregano Oil can help to increase the blood flow to the entire body. Some researchers claim that it can reduce the symptoms of cold and flu by up to 60%. The oil also helps to boost the immune system and fight various infectious diseases like influenza.

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