Oregano Greek Seed


If you want to grow an exotic and unique garden then look no further than Oregano Greek plants. Oregano Greek plants are actually a perennial flowering plant belonging to the mint family, Lamiaceae. It is native to tropical Eastern and Southwestern Asia and the Mediterranean region. It has been used as a spice, a medicinal plant, and as a culinary herb since it was first introduced into the West. Today it is a popular and versatile garden ingredient used in many of the most delicious food preparations from pizza to salads to pasta and soups.

Oregano Greek plants have an aroma similar to that of anise or thyme and have a distinctive spicy taste. Although it comes from the same family as oregano, it has been bred over the years so that the flavor can be developed in any number of ways, from dried flakes to dry herbs and dried berries. The oregano plant is short-lived and will die within six months of growing to maturity. If you plant Oregano Greek plants it will start out green and develop the coloration that is characteristic of a true oregano plant. In order to keep the plant growing, it is important to provide adequate drainage and mist it regularly with water.

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