Lettuce Mignonette Red (Raw) Seed


The Lettuce Mignonette Red (Raw) Plant, is a new red colored vegetable that can be planted in pots in the back yard. This vegetable is a great addition to any green-house because it is easy to grow and has a delicious taste. But first, you need to understand what a Lettuce Mignonette Red (Raw) Plant is all about!

A Lettuce Mignonette Red (Raw) Plant is simply a red-colored vegetable that has lettuce on it. If you like the color, then by all means, have it, but if not, don’t despair because this vegetable has other uses.

The Lettuce Mignonette Red (Raw) Plant is especially useful for cooking purposes because it is similar to the French dish Roquefort. You might ask how this vegetable can be helpful to you when it comes to cooking, but this vegetable is much different than other vegetables that are used as a side dish.

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