Lettuce Mignonette Green (GM) Seed


The Lettuce Mignonette Green (GM) Plant is a wonderful, tasty green plant for the kitchen. These plants are commonly found in Mediterranean and Central European countries, where they grow wild. Lettuce Mignonette Green (GM) Plant has been a favorite green vegetable for centuries and has continued to be a favorite vegetable in countries throughout the world. Although the Lettuce Mignonette Green (GM) Plant was not actually named for the French woman who first discovered them growing wild in the Mediterranean and Central Europe, it was named in her honor. The plant was called after her because she was quite a green lover and would take long walks in the forest to enjoy the beauty of the forest. Her green leaves were a popular feature on the clothing she wore as well.

Lettuce Mignonette Green (GM) Plant is very easy to grow. They can be started indoors in pots or they can be started outdoors in an area where the soil is rich in nutrients, such as a garden in a park or along a sidewalk. They will grow very well in a container, so the only thing you have to do is to provide the right amount of light and water to keep them alive and healthy.

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