Fern Nicolas Diamond Tissue Culture


Fern Nicolas Diamond Plant is a gorgeous emerald-green semi-precious stone mined in Brazil. It was introduced to the world in 1980 as part of the collection of the Rio De Janeiro Exposition. The Fern family has owned and operated the mine since it was opened. It is one of Brazil’s leading refineries and is the biggest producer of natural stones in the country. The stone is known for its color, clarity, cut, and quality. What is Fern Nicolas Diamond Plant?

Fern Nicolas Diamond Plants grow on the stems of Fynophylites or Finches. The flowers are called petunia or spathippus. These flowers range in color from deep green to pale pink. The petals of the flower are covered with an organza membrane that looks like paper. The name comes from the Latin word uterus, which means “fool’s feather”. The plant derives its name from its unusual shape, which resembles a fool’s feather.

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