Role of Creativity in Container Gardening

Creativity in Container Gardening

This is quite true, as creativeness is one of the essential ingredients in a successful garden. Creativity in container gardening is not limited to flowers, plants, shrubs and trees; it also includes the many outdoor elements that are part of a garden like sunlight, wind, water, rocks, sand, gravel and many other elements. It is the combination of these elements that help make the garden an area that allows the gardener to experience the beautiful sights, smells and sounds of the natural world.

Creativity in Gardening

Of course, we cannot talk about creativity in gardening without taking into consideration some of the many other creative skills that are required in the gardening arena. There are planting, weeding, mulching, planting beds and flowerbeds to name just a few elements. Each of these elements bring something new to the table for your garden and each of these elements can be used to bring the garden to a higher level of beauty. The combination of all these planting skills along with the use of creative materials like stones, bricks, tiles, and metals really brings life to your garden and provides an extra element of fun and excitement to the gardening experience.

Creation of Garden Plot

One of the most important roles of creativeness in container gardening is the creation of a garden plot. The creation of the garden plot is not only about making something beautiful from which you can gain many benefits, it is also a great exercise in problem solving. It is a creative endeavor to see what you can grow, to see how much sun or shade you can get and to figure out what you will plant next. In the process of creating this garden plot, you will gain several benefits;

Selection of Area for Garden

Creativity in gardening starts with the decision to plant a garden. Choosing an area that is shady and receives little if any sunlight or is planted near a body of water is probably an obvious choice for many people. Yet another obvious area to plant is close to an area that has a supply of water. All of these areas are going to need some kind of support to keep them in place, and this is where creativeness in gardening comes into play.

Using Variety of Textures

Some plants are better suited to the sun than others, while other plants thrive better in a variety of climates and conditions. A gardener who loves to plant vegetables in their garden should definitely make sure that they have a tester to determine their suitability under each of these conditions. Another important factor is that plants need good drainage, so using a trellis to create levels in the garden is an excellent idea. Using a variety of textures for the dirt is also a great way to enhance the creativeness of the gardening area.

Selecting the Type of Container

The next step is to choose the type of container to use in your garden plot. The type of container determines the size of the plants you can have, the amount of sunlight they get, and how much water they will need. Plants need space to breathe and if they do not have enough space, they will overheat and die. Choosing the right size of container is extremely important as you will want to be able to grow a wide variety of plants.

Enhancing The Creativeness

Planting larger trees or shrubs is a great way to enhance the creativeness of your garden plot. Smaller, more open plants can sometimes look too sterile and bland in a large garden plot. Creating a small ‘pocket’ in the center of your garden will give plants like these more exposure to the sunlight and to the air. Additionally, plants like this will bring with them more wildlife. A tree or bush can create privacy as well as attracting humming birds and squirrels.

Creating Beauty Within its Boundaries

It is important to always remember that the goal of a garden plot is to create beauty within its boundaries. If you plant too many types of plants next to each other, you will end up with a garden that has very few varieties. In fact, you may find that none of the plants are even in harmony. Choosing a theme is also very important. Creating a beautiful garden plot can be very easy, or it can be difficult depending on how skilled you are.

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