Basics of Container Gardening

Basics of Container Gardening

Basics of container gardening usually refer to the practical side of gardening that involves having a little extra space to grow plants in. Hanging baskets provide the versatility to plant beautiful flowers almost anywhere and are also used for storing seasonal fruits or vegetables. Container gardening is an exciting addition to almost any house regardless of the available space you have. The nice thing about container gardening is that you can use the same plants year after year. We will look at some of the practical necessities you must have before you begin planting.


A basic guideline to follow when planting is to know how many plants you plan to have in your gardens. This will help you decide what kind of container gardening kit you will need. You will also have to choose a location in your yard where you will put your gardens. This is an important decision because your garden can become a great focal point if it is well planned and maintained. Many people that start gardening do so with little knowledge, and end up with beautiful gardens that die after a year. You will be able to avoid this by taking the time and being informed about what you are getting yourself into.

Availability of Equipment:

One of the most basic tools you will need for gardening is a hoe and rake. These items can be purchased at a local hardware or gardening store. A simple pair of hoes and rakes will be more than sufficient for most small gardens. Basic containers will usually come in pots or hanging baskets. The pots on the other hand are made from different materials, from clay to terracotta. You will want to pick one that is durable and that can withstand the weather.

Specifications of Containers according to Plants:

Some plants will require you to have a certain height. This depends on what vegetables or plants you are growing, as well as how big the container is. Larger containers for larger vegetables like chives and broccoli may need you to use stakes to support the plant until it is large enough to sit up on its own. Some larger containers for these types of vegetables may also need supports to keep the plants upright once they reach a certain size. Using stakes for support is an essential part of maintaining these plants.

Decorating Containers:

There are many great ways to decorate your containers for container gardening. Hanging baskets are a popular way to display your plants as they provide a simple way to organize your garden. You can decorate them using attractive plant hangers or even tie ribbons around the basket to make it more attractive. Adding some flowering plants that you can place in the basket can add color and interest to your space.

Benefits of Houseplants:

Houseplants are one of the best ways to incorporate a decorative element into your gardening efforts. Many houseplants can easily double as plants in your garden, thus making this option an excellent way to expand your gardening activities into your home. If you are interested in using houseplants as a way to incorporate some decoration into your space, you should think about purchasing some beautiful specimens that can either be displayed in your house or hung from the porch. If you have a nice deck or patio, you could hang a pair of birdhouse plants on either side of your deck or patio. These types of houseplants would look great as a focal point and could easily draw some attention to your patio at parties or gatherings.

Aspects of Container Gardening:

One of the best aspects of container gardening is that you can easily take care of many of your plants in one small space. Plants like these can be grown in small containers indoors and then transferred outdoors when the weather becomes warm. Since these plants are so small, it is easy for you to space them out so that you can take care of them without having to worry about replanting. This is an important part of gardening since it allows you to cultivate plants in a controlled environment. It is also very convenient since you do not have to replant or relocate outdoor plants when you feel that they are becoming diseased or damaged from the weather.

Container Gardening As a Hobby:

If you are interested in a hobby that offers you a wide variety of projects and creative hobbies, then container gardening is definitely something that you should check into. You can grow a wide variety of flowers, herbs and other plants in small pots. With containers, you can easily create a nice looking garden in just a matter of time. This type of gardening is popular both as a hobby and a way to make extra money, since many people use containers as the starting point for their own landscaping ventures.

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