All You Need To Know About Lavender Herb

All you need to know about lavender herb

All You Need To Know About Lavender Herb is that Lavender is an evergreen perennial herb. The herb grows to about 12 inches. The flowers are white and about one-half inch in diameter. Lavender flowers can be placed on walls or other surfaces to uplift a room. Many people believe lavender is a good remedy for insomnia. There are many homeopathic practitioners that recommend lavender as an effective treatment for calming the nervous system and improving sleep.

The Lavender Herb has been in use since Roman times. It has a long history of being a favorite herbal remedy for soothing coughs and respiratory ailments. There have been many health benefits of Lavender Herb that have been documented over the centuries. These include:

Cough Suppressant

Can be used as a cough suppressant. It is also effective in fighting flu and cold. The herb is used for this purpose in Chinese medicines. The active compound found in the Lavender Herb is their flavanoid hydro citric acid or citronella.

Insect Repellent

Can be used as insect repellent. It can also be used as an effective mosquito repellent. The foliage of the herb is widely applied on gardens as a mosquito repellent. Other than that it can also be applied on fences to prevent termites from infesting them.

Used In Cosmetics

It is used in many cosmetics. Lavender Herb is commonly used in facial tissue, hair sprays, and deodorants. In addition to that, lavender is also added into soap because of its linalochular aromatics which are known to possess antibacterial and antifungal properties. Lavender is added to soaps as fragrance components.

The herb is widely used in cosmetics. It is used to improve the complexion and to protect hair. It is also used to freshen up cosmetics products and to hide wrinkles on the face.

Medicinal Use

It has been in medicine for a long time. Lavender Herb has been in medicinal applications since ancient days. Ancient Egyptians used lavender for various diseases. They used the herb to heal wounds and treat fever. Later the Greeks and Romans used lavender for a variety of ailments.

Culinary Uses

In culinary arts, lavender is extensively used. Many food products, such as breads, savory, dips, soups, and desserts, include lavender. Lavender is also commonly used in herbology. Lavender is used to flavor alcoholic beverages.

Used In Skin Care

It has been in skincare. Lavender is used in various skincare treatments. It is applied on sun-burned areas to reduce pain and itching. It can be used as an alternative to lavender oil as it has fewer side effects. As lavender grows rapidly it can spoil crops of other plants, making the use of lavender herb limited.

Used In Food

Lavender is widely used in food. Delicious tea is made from dried lavender flowers. Lavender can also be added to meals to add flavor and aroma. It can be used in bread, crackers, and pasta sauce. It can be mixed with honey to make a sweet, soothing tea.

Can Be Grown Easily

Lavender is easily grown in most areas. It does not require a great deal of attention or time. It grows well with a variety of soil types. It produces lovely flowers that are sure to please. The lavender herb has many positive benefits.

Acts As Healing Herb

The herb can be used in a number of different ways. It can be applied to stings to soothe and heal. It can be burned to scent furniture and wood. The herb can be used as a wash for cleaning purposes or to infuse and enhance foods and wines.

Tons Of Health Benefits

Lavender has many health benefits. It has anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and astringent properties. It is effective in treating colds, flu, bronchitis, stomachaches, flu symptoms and coughs. Some studies show that lavender may also prevent and reduce prostate cancer. More research is needed to support these claims.


These are just some of the benefits of lavender. The lavender herb can be grown in most regions and the plant grows up to three feet high. It requires little maintenance and produces beautiful flowers. Purchase your lavender herb online and start enjoying the many benefits of this relaxing and tasty herb today.

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