Why temperature is important for plants?

Why temperature is important for plants?

Why temperature is important for plants is a question I get asked quite often. Most people when they think of growing a plant, they see a green carpet of lush green grass, turn off the lights, water the plants and put them in the ground. They never stop to think about what the temperature environment plays in determining the success of the plant growth. Temperature has a dramatic effect on the plant growth.

For example, when the temperature goes below 60 degrees, the plant growth slows down. The same thing happens if the temperature goes above sixty degrees.

1. Temperature Affects Plant Growth

So, why temperature is important for plants? Temperature control is extremely important to any grower. Why? Because temperature affects how the plants grow. It can make a big difference in the taste and quality of the harvest. If the temperature is too low or too high then the quality will be affected.

2. Plants Need Specific Temperature To Grow Well

Plants need a specific amount of temperature in order to grow well. Anything below that temperature can be detrimental to the plant. One example is taking away all of the heat from the plant as it grows during the winter months. This can cause the plant to wilt, which is bad because during the winter months the plant needs all of the nutrients in order to grow properly. If the plant dries out, then there isn’t much food to provide the fruit and leaves.

3. Temperature Changes Can Cause Plant Diseases

When the temperature fluctuates, so does the disease risk. Plants can be affected by different diseases depending on what part of the world they are in. Areas that are cold have more of a chance of having diseases. This is because there is less air movement and the temperature is lower. Therefore, there is a higher risk of mildew and mold being a problem.

4. Yeast And Bacterial Infections

Some plants can not handle extremely low temperatures. If the temperature drops to freezing then it can harm them. Some of the diseases that can be spread this way include yeast and bacterial infections. Some plants do not grow well in extremely low temperatures. For instance, some plants cannot handle very low temperatures.

5. Temperature Affect Water Cycle

One of the reasons why temperature is important for plants is that it affects the water cycle. If the temperature goes below freezing then there is a reduced water flow. This means that plants won’t get enough moisture. This will result in leaf wilting and leaf discoloring. The water cycle is very important for the health of plants. If the temperature is too low then it can be difficult for the plant to survive.

6. Important For Photosynthesis

Another reason why temperature is important for plants is because they need light in order to photosynthesis. This is essential for all plants. When the sunlight is not available then photosynthesis will not occur. When plants cannot use sunlight properly they are not going to produce food.

7. Play Big Role In Greenhouse Gardening

Temperature is a very big factor when it comes to greenhouse gardening. If you want to grow plants indoors at a specific temperature then you will have to set your thermostat accordingly. You can find this information on the web. It is important to why temperature is important for plants because it has an effect on your plant’s health and affects how much they can grow.

8. Plants Could Get Damaged

One example of why temperature is important for plants is during cold weather. During cold weather, plants may not be able to tolerate high temperatures. If the temperature is not approached properly then you could end up with damaged plants. You would not want to water your plants at a cold temperature. This would cause wilting and possibly even leaf damage.

9. Add Shade or Heating Pads To Control Temperature

Even if you are growing tropical plants, they should still be kept at room temperature most of the time. The reason why temperature is important for plants is that they are living organisms. They need to have a certain temperature in order for them to function properly. It is easy to control though, just add a little shade or a heating pad if needed.

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