Ways to Protect Permanent Plants In Containers

Ways to Protect Permanent Plants In Containers

The ways to protect permanent plants in containers are many, some of them are explained in this article.

Using Mesh Type Lid on the Pots

One of the most important ways is to use a mesh type lid on your pots. Container gardening needs extra care. Plants get stressed out when their roots get pruned or damaged. To avoid such problems, you should use a lid that provides a suitable level of protection for the roots. Some experts advise using steel wool as a layer to protect the soil.

Avoid Planting Directly in a Plastic Container

The first and the most important precaution to be taken are avoiding planting plants directly on the plastic. There are two reasons behind this precaution. One reason is that plastic loses its transparency very quickly. So plastic container plants should be placed at least six inches below ground level. Secondly, if you want to plant a tree in the soil of the container then you need to line the soil with small rocks or pebbles.

Using Clay or Sandy Soil

When it comes to clay or sandy soils then using crushed shells or sand can be an excellent option to protect your plastic plant pots. But clay is not the only medium for plants to grow in. Clay soils also need to be protected against extreme heat.

Good Drainage

Plant pots also require good drainage. Good drainage helps the plants to absorb excess water. Soils with good drainage are more nutrient rich and hence are preferred. Also good pots allow you to easily remove the spent plant parts. Plastic pots make it easier to do this.

Use the Pots having Drainage Hole or Plugs

While growing plants in containers, you may want to use drainage plugs or pots with drainage holes. This allows the soil to drain. This is especially important for container vegetable plants which have shallow roots. Plants which have deeper roots, say herbs or even vegetables, will need soil that has a deeper layer of organic matter. This is usually achieved by mixing clumps of compost with the soil.

Take Good Care of Permanent Plants in Containers

Planting permanent plants in containers is a great hobby. The best way to ensure a healthy plant is to take good care of it. Container gardening can be a rewarding and fulfilling hobby. As long as you plant permanent plants and provide them with the correct conditions they will be around for many years. In fact, if you want your permanent plants to last, it is best to provide them with the right conditions from the start.

Choose Best Type of Container

So how can you make sure that your plants are getting the best possible care? One of the best ways to make sure your plants are well cared for is to choose the type of container garden that suits the plant best. For example, for succulents you will probably want a potting soil that is similar to what you would grow them in. Most plants like good soil and you should always try and provide your plants with good soil.

Size of Plant should be Considered

There are many factors you need to consider when it comes to choosing containers for permanent plants. One of these factors is the size of the plants. If you are growing very small plants then you may not need the topsoil.

Provide Suitable Amount of Fertilizers and Nutrients

You should aim to provide a good amount of nutrients to your plants and this means using fertilizers and adding the right amount of water. The climate of the area you live in will also affect the size and health of your plants. Some plants can handle extremely hot or cold climates, whereas some have to be kept in certain environments all year round.

Consider the Type of Plant You are Growing

If you are going through container gardening then you should always consider the type of plant that you want to grow. Some plants need certain conditions and some require a particular temperature. You should consider this when choosing the type of container gardening, you want to undertake. The types of plants you plant will also determine whether you plant them in soil, containers or aeroponic systems.

Provide Suitable Amount of Sunlight to Permanent Plants

You should try and provide your permanent plants with plenty of sunlight. This will ensure that they are well cared for but remember that you don’t have to water them all the time. Watering is important for the roots of the plants but you should avoid over watering as this will cause your plants to become damaged. Good drainage is essential for container gardening, as it will help keep your plants healthy. Good drainage will also allow your plants to spread out if they do become stuck in one spot.


There are many ways to protect your permanent plants in containers, the most important ones are explained above. These plants should be managed with care so that they will flourish and stay healthy.

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