Ways of Storing and Recycling Water in Garden

Ways of Storing and Recycling Water in Garden

There are many ways of storing and recycling water in garden. If we take proper care and precautions then water can be easily recycled into many useful things for everyday use. You can use water from birdbaths, fountains, ponds, streams, and rivers to grow all types of plants and flowers in your garden. In this article, we will discuss the best ways of storing and recycling water in the garden.

1. Using Bird Baths

The first and simplest ways of storing and recycling water in garden is by using bird baths. These can be easily found in bird shops and even at your local supermarkets or gardening stores. Water can be pumped through bird baths to provide clean and fresh water. Bird baths are an ideal way to attract birds to your garden and also help in retaining and protecting wildlife. They make a beautiful addition to any garden.

2. Building a Pond

Another great ways of storing and recycling water in garden is to build a pond. Ponds can be made in any size and shape. A preformed pond will require less space and does not take much maintenance. Preformed ponds are ideal for people with limited space as they can easily be installed on their garden footpath.

3. Using in Fountain

A fountain is another simple way of recycling water. Fountains can be made out of wood, stone or metal and are available in different sizes. You can pump the water from your garden to your pond and if you are using concrete or other heavy material you will need to cover and protect the fountain when not in use. Fountains also look good and add to the overall look of a garden.

4. Make Sand Filtration System

If you do not have space in your garden to install a pond or fountain consider making a sand filtration system. You can filter the water from rain or use an attached filtration system that will filter the water in the garden before it enters the house. These systems are very effective and a cost effective way of storing and recycling water in the garden.

5. Collecting Water in Containers

Containers for collecting rainwater is another way of reusing water in the garden. If you do not want to use containers there are other options such as roof tops and gutters. These systems can help you reduce your monthly water bill by collecting excess rainwater.

6. Supply Water to House

If you decide to use pipes to supply water to your house, there are many options available to help you reduce your monthly water bill. Use of recycled pipe is the best way to reuse water. Pipe should be recycled so that they can easily be reused and used again. If pipe is not easily recycled you can easily look for other sources of water.

7. Using Rain Barrels

One of the best ways to save water is using rain barrels. Water is collected from the roof top and then it is conveyed to a filtering plant which converts it into clean and pure water. This water is used for drinking, irrigation, cleaning, watering plants etc. These systems will help save water and money.

8. Reusing the Water

Recycling of water is also one of the best ways of saving water. You can easily reuse this water in different ways such as cleaning toilets and saving water. Use of water containers and tanks can also be reused to save water. If you have a plant in your garden and you want to use the water for your plants then you can easily collect and reuse them.

9. Using Water Hoses or Tanks

In most of the times we use water in very inefficient ways. One such example of inefficient water usage is the use of water hoses or tank. If you want to save water then you should avoid the use of these hoses and tanks. Use of water hoses or tanks in your garden will lead to the accumulation of dirt at the base of the container leading to the growth of bacteria and fungus. To prevent the accumulation of dirt at the base of water containers, you should store water in plastic containers or tank which can be easily washed.

10. Collecting Rain Water

Another of the ways of storing and recycling water in garden is using rainwater. Collecting rain water is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of using water. Using this water you can clean and wash your garden and can also use it as water for your plants. If you are going to collect rain water then you should place the container in a shady area. This method can be used for all types of water and helps to conserve water and money at the same time.

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