Wall-Mounted Pots for Gardening

Wall-Mounted Pots for Gardening

Wall-Mounted pots for gardening are a great way of decorating your home while also increasing the overall usable space in your garden. These pots are easy to manage and look elegant. The wall mounted pots save the space and can make the walls looks beautiful in a very simple way. You can decorate and customize your walls by choosing the pots according to your interest.

Wall-Mounted Pots are Convenient

They are very convenient and easy to use. You do not have to set up a trellis, and dig for the plants every time you want to move them. These pots will help you save time in the garden as well. Read on the following tips to use Wall-Mounted Pots for gardening effectively.

Wall-Mounted Pots looks Elegant

Wall-Mounted pots have a very elegant look that suits any type of decoration. They add an atmosphere of royalty to your garden. In case you are thinking about where to get hold of these pots, the best place to go is online. You can easily find them at online stores or some physical garden centers. When you are using these for growing small plants, do remember to get a good water source so that the plant gets all the moisture it needs.

Watering System

You will also have to get a watering system that will take care of your plants properly. If you do not get a proper water source, the roots of the plants may die. If you use shallow pots, you will not get water drainage. So it is better to go for deep ones if you are planning on gardening.

Advantage of Wall-Mounted Pots

There is one main advantage with the wall-mounted style of pots, other than the convenience and elegance they provide is that they are extremely durable and will not be damaged by extreme weather conditions. Since you are placing the plants at a higher level, it is important that you ensure that the plants get enough sunshine. Too much sunlight can cause the roots of the plants to rot. This is because it lacks air. So use shutters or shades to ensure that your plants get all the sunlight they require.

Wall-Mounted Pots Bring Moisture to Plants

These wall-mounted pots are ideal if you want a quick way to bring the moisture in the soil for your plants. They are also ideal when you want to put the plants close together. The fact that they are mounted on the wall means that there is space between the plant and the soil. This allows the roots to spread and flourish. The space that is left free in between the plants will provide the necessary moisture for your plants.

Different Style of Pots

The fact that there are many different styles of pots that you can use means that there is also a wide range of prices. If you want something affordable, you should go for plastic wall-mounted pots. However, if you want to spend more, then go for the glass ones. The best part about having a variety of pot styles is that you will get to choose the design that you like best. Some people may prefer a round shaped pot while others may prefer one that has an Asian theme. If you have a theme in mind, you can easily choose a style that matches.

Wall-Mounted Pots Are Easy to Place

You can easily place the wall-mounted pots on any flat surface. A concrete slab, for example, will work just fine. The fact that you can choose the pots that you want to place on it makes it ideal for home extensions. You will be able to make the extension look very neat. Of course, you should not forget that you will get to protect the plants from heavy rains by putting a cover over it.

Chance of Damage

One thing that you might want to consider is that wall-mounted pots will mean that you will be exposing your plants to harsher climatic conditions. For instance, the pots will probably do well outside the house as long as you don’t place them too close to the house. This is because they can get damaged easily. Therefore, they should be handled with care.

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