Types of Containers Used for Container Gardening

Types of Containers Used for Container Gardening

When you are planning to start a garden, there are certain types of containers used for container gardening that you will have to choose from. These will depend on the amount of space you have available and the size and type of plant that you wish to grow. Knowing what types of containers are used for planting will help you make your decision much easier.

Plastic Garden Pots

One of the best types of containers used for planting is plastic garden pots. These can be used no matter how large the garden is as long as the ground that the plants are growing on has sufficient drainage. There are a lot of different pots that you can get these days and there is a wide variety of prices too. You can pick out the most beautiful pots that will complement your garden perfectly.

Raised Beds

Another great choice is a raised bed with soil in it. These types of containers work really well when you want to plant very tall plants or if you are planning to grow exotic plants that will flower throughout the year. You simply place the containers in the bed and fill in around them. You do not need any kind of soil. The soil will act as a sponge and help the plant to get all of the nutrients that it needs.

Terra-cotta Pots

Another type of containers used for planting is terra-cotta pots. This is a type of container that is very heavy duty and durable. It is also possible to find this material in a number of different sizes so you can have plenty of choices on the type of pot that you need. The only downside is that this type of material can be very expensive.

Bamboo Pots

Bamboo pots are also another type of container that you can get. These types of containers are very unique because they look very much like clay. They can hold plants very well, but they also offer a unique design that some people really love. The only downside to these types of containers is that they are a little bit expensive compared to some other types of containers. You also need to make sure that you have adequate lighting in order for your plant to survive.

Eco-friendly Containers

A very popular type of container is an earth-friendly type of container. This type of container is made from eco-friendly materials and they can look just like any other type of container. These types of containers often come with a base that is made up of earth to give it the appearance that it is made up of earth. These types of containers also come with a bottom that is made out of a natural soil material. The soil can be filled in and the bottom of the container can be washed easily.

Types of Plastic Containers

There are also some types of containers that are made out of plastic and they do not need any type of soil to keep them in place. This type of container will work best if you plan on planting more than one type of plant. The plastic will keep the soil from draining as well as keep the roots of the plants nice and moist. These types of containers will typically cost you less money than the clay or Terra cotta containers mentioned above. Plastic containers may also be recycled over again. However, some companies will not take these containers if they show signs of becoming old.

Vinyl Containers

Another one of the best types of containers used for planting is a vinyl container. These types of containers are very easy to take care of, and they offer many benefits for you and your plants. Some people believe that vinyl containers are very nice because they are often made up of recycled materials. It will help to take a look at this material when you are trying to decide on a container for your container garden. Make sure that you take a look at all of these different types of containers and figure out which type of container will work the best for your needs.

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