Tools for Cleaning Raised Garden Beds

Tools for Cleaning Raised Garden Beds

The tools for cleaning raised garden beds can range from simple to complex depending on what needs to be done. Simple tools include rags, brushes, copper and small hoes. Tools used for serious gardening are often very strong and made of solid materials such as steel. Most of the tools used for maintenance are powered. These tools include garden shears, cultivators, hedge trimmers and digging fork. Raised garden beds need to be maintained regularly to prevent disease and other pests from attacking the plants. 

1. Hand-Held Tools

The first tools for cleaning raised garden beds are simple handheld tools. If you plan to just sweep up some dirt here and there these might do the job nicely. These can be found at any home improvement store as well as hardware stores. For more serious cleanup you will need a power washer, a rotary broom, a trowel, a shovel, and possibly a wheelbarrow.

2. Electricity or Battery Powered Tools

Tools for bed cleaners also come in the form of electric or battery-powered tools. These are very convenient to have around and can really speed up the process of getting rid of the dirt. These tools should be easy to use and operate. The electric tools will be easier to move around the bed so make sure they fit in with your cleaning routines.

3. Garden Rakes and Shovels

Other tools needed for cleaning beds are the garden rakes and shovels. The rakes usually fit into a larger tool box that has plenty of surface area. These come in different styles and lengths, so you can match your garden style as well as cleaning needs. Some will have two handles while others have only one. There are some that have spades attached to the handle.

4. Gloves, Masks, and Goggles

When removing dirt from your garden always ensure you wear protective gloves, masks and goggles. These tools are strong, but they can break if used incorrectly. Choose the tools carefully and follow the instruction manual for the type you purchase. Using the correct tools for bed cleaners is essential.

5. Mulching Tools

Mulching tools are required to collect the soil and keep it from blowing away during rains. A large pile of soil should be placed inside a plastic garbage bag. A sharp knife is used to remove the dirt. A broom with long handles is used to clear more dirt bunnies from the bedding. Long handled brushes are used to dust off the bedding.

6. Powerful Suction

Most bed cleaners have powerful suction that draws the dirt into the machine. It is important not to use force as this could cause serious injury. However, it does take time to remove the soil so don’t expect to finish the job in one day.

7. Rotary Rake

Most gardeners use a rotary rake for this type of job. However, some use their hands for scraping off the dirt. Make sure you always have a bucket of water ready so you can complete the task safely. The rake should be held level as you move it across the bed to loosen and flatten the soil. Once the dirt has been removed it can be raked into the area with the use of a shovel.

8. Brushes and Sponges

A variety of brushes and sponges can be used to spruce up the bedding after it has been set in the ground. Most people find it difficult to get the bedding clean every year. This is where the use of a garden hose, water pump and pressure washer comes in handy. Water and other cleaning chemicals are available for purchase at many home improvement stores or you can make your own. If you decide to make your own chemicals, then you will need the following tools: a small bucket, a garden hose with a long attachment, sponges, a brush and rags.

9. Some Other Tools

Garden shears are essential tools for working the soil, removing the dirt and preparing the bedding for the next season. A hoe, shovel and rake are also good tools for working the soil as well. A trowel, compactor and an assortment of attachments for the trowel are also useful in removing the loose soil and compacting the bedding. The compactor, for example, can remove large amounts of soil that have been compacted by the roots of the dirt bunnies and other plants.

10. Availability of These Tools

Tools for bed cleaners are available in many hardware stores as well as online. Many retailers have their own website where they show all the products available along with easy to understand descriptions. This enables you to compare prices and make informed decisions on what is best for your particular needs. When buying online make sure you have the correct measurements of the bed and the dirt you plan to remove. You can then search for the product that best suits your needs.

11. Conclusion

Having the proper tools for the job you plan to perform is vital. Always check the small drawers and storage bins before using them so you can use all the tools you need. For example, don’t forget to remove the dust pan, ladder, auger and other miscellaneous tools when you are finished. By doing this you ensure your safety and reduce your risk of an accident while carrying out the work.

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