Tips to Grow Plants in Window Boxes

Tips to Grow Plants in Window Boxes

Here are some tips to grow plants in window boxes. You can buy a planter that is already built or you can find a planter kit at your local garden store. You do not need to have any previous gardening experience to be able to build your own planters. What you need are some tools and some good information on how to use those tools. If you know someone who has a green thumb, that is another great source of information for some great tips on how to use Window Boxes for gardening. This article is just a few tips to grow plants in window boxes.

Adjustment in Small Apartment

First, you will want to consider where your window box will go. Do you live in a small apartment? Then you will want to put your plants on the lower level, where the sun hits them directly. The plants will get more sunlight and will stay healthier. If you live in a larger apartment building, you might want to put your plants on the second level, away from direct sunlight.

Guidelines of Using Window Boxes

Next, here are some quick guidelines on how to use Window Boxes for gardening. To keep your plants healthy, you will need to water them regularly, about once a week during the hot, dry summer months. If you live in a climate that varies seasons, then you may also need to water your plants every few days during the different seasons. Knowing the type of plant you have will make this step easier.

Choosing the Kind of Window Box

If you are not sure which kind you have, you can check the USDA Plant Identification Number (PIS) number on the box. This number will also vary according to what type of plant you have. For example, if it is a daisy flower, then it will be a different number than if it was a blue star-thistle. When you are purchasing the box, pay close attention to the numbers and how they are written. They should be in order, starting with the most common number. You can also find out more information about using planters for shade and other gardening needs, such as planting versus spacing.

Start-Off with Different Planters

If you already have a garden, then you might be able to use the same planters that you have. However, if you have never planted anything outside before, then you might want to start off with a different planter that has smaller spaces. Keep in mind that the type of plants that you grow can have a big effect on the size of the planters you buy. Different flowers and shrubs will require different amounts of space, so it is important to consider this when you are deciding how to use planters for shade.

Planters for Shade

If you have a large garden and you are looking for a way to use planters for shade, then you should be sure that you have plenty of drainage areas in your garden. This will allow the roots of the plants to stay in the soil, but also drain so that water does not get stuck in the planter. You will also need to be sure that the plants you plant do not compete with each other for nutrients. This can cause the plants to do poorly and suffer when it comes to growing.

Plants Should not Compete with Each Other

When you are choosing which plants to use, be sure to pick those that do not compete with each other. This will ensure that they do not waste nutrients and water by growing too close to one another. When picking which plants to use planters for shade, you should be aware of the type of plant as well. For example, if you have a daisy flower plant, then you should do your best to avoid other daisies. The same goes for mint and chives. These three plants will all need different things to grow well.

Hopefully, these tips to grow plants in window boxes will help you be able to enjoy them year-round. They are simple to maintain, easy to grow and they will provide you with flowers that will add color to the area. You can also have an accent with the use of decorative planters.

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