Tips to Grow Herbs in Containers

Tips to Grow Herbs in Containers

If you are wondering how to grow herbs in containers, then you will need to know some basic tips to grow herbs in containers and some understanding of what they are and how they should be cared for. They are easy to care for, but you need to have some basic skills so that you can keep your plants healthy. There is one important rule to follow: do not water the plant while it is dormant. You can do this later in the day when it is cooler outside. Following are some tips to grow herbs in containers.

Best Containers for Herbs

When you first purchase your seeds, herbs like full sun. Some of the container options that you can choose include ceramic, terracotta, glass, wood and clay. To determine which of these would be best for your particular garden, look at the leaves on the plants and pay close attention to how they grow. Choose containers that have nice drainage, because they will need to be moist, but not over-watered. Most herbs like to have about one inch of water per week, but if you have perennials or annuals, then you may need more.

Choice of Pots for Herbs

For the amateur gardener, it can be tempting to just go with pots that say they are suitable for herbs, but you have to be careful. Make sure that the pots you choose are well made, and are not ones that have had many people complain that they leak or collapse. Pots can also come in different sizes. Your choice will also depend upon how many herbs you are planning to grow.

Selecting the Size of the Pots to Grow Herbs

For instance, if you have five plants, then a five-quart pot would be fine, but if you have ten, then make the top space twice as big. The size of your pots will also have to accommodate all the soil that you have purchased, so make sure that it will fit in the pot before you fill it. The general rule of thumb is that your pot should hold about two inches of soil for every square foot of potting area.

Pruning the Herbs

One of the best things about these pots is that you do not have to worry about pruning. If you have ever pruned your herb plants in pots, then you know how much trouble it is. With these containers, all you have to worry about is making sure that the roots are properly tied into the drainage holes, and that they stay healthy. In this way, you can have several plants in one container.

Good Drainage of Pots

Another one of the tips to grow herbs in containers is to make sure that they have good drainage. There is nothing worse than your herbs falling to the ground during the summer heat, only to die due to water deprivation. You do not want your plants to develop mold either. If you are using hydroponics containers, then you may use gravel to help keep it from drying out, as well as using a finer mesh pot strainer to keep soil particles small. If you have a larger garden area, then you might want to consider using metal pots.

Growing Medium and Other Variables to Grow Herbs

When it comes to growing herbs in pots, there are many other variables to consider besides size and drainage. Choose a pot with a good growing medium. It has to be porous enough to allow proper growth of microorganisms. You also need to provide proper lighting for the plants. Different growing mediums require different lighting schedules, so make sure that you get that information before buying or choosing one.

Correct Location for Better Growth

When you are finally ready to start planting, choose the correct location. If you are going to grow mint in containers, then you need to avoid direct sunlight, since it will cause the plant to dry out. The tips to grow herbs in containers are simple to follow. As long as you select the right ones, and provide the proper light and moisture, you should have a thriving garden.


The Herbs are one of the most beneficial plants to grow in your container garden. But for their better growth and health. A person must learn about the tips to grow herbs in containers to know the best type of herbs, pots for them, and a location for them to grow healthy plants.

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