Tips to Grow Hardy Perennials by Container Gardening

Tips to Grow Hardy Perennials by Container Gardening

Hardy perennials are often those plants that you can keep year after year and there are some tips to grow hardy perennials by container gardening. These plants often take a beating from Mother Nature but return home with a vengeance when the weather is just right. In order for these plants to survive and thrive year after year, you need to learn how to grow hardy perennials by container gardening. Container gardens are just what they sound like-a a container filled with seeds. This allows the plants time to get the needed weather conditions for planting.

Containers Should be Well-Ventilated

One of the tips to grow hardy plants and container gardening is to be sure that you have your plant well ventilated. If you have plants with wide leaves like African Violets, you will want to be sure that they get plenty of sunlight even during the hottest part of the day. Sunlight can help them stay healthy and grow strong.

Containers should not be Soil Based

As hardy perennials, you don’t have to worry about the normal problems that affect your garden flowers and vegetables. For example, weeds will never kill your hardy plants because they don’t have the roots to hold them down. This type of plant also has very sensitive roots, making it very easy for weeds to kill it. On the other hand, if you use regular pots, weeds can get a toe hold and perhaps even root into the soil. This will eventually kill your plants. The best thing you can do is be sure that the containers you use for container gardening are not soil based and do not allow any soil to build up.

Different Watering Techniques

Another one of the tips to grow hardy plants and container gardening is that you will want to give your plants the best amount of water that they need. Watering is something that needs to be done on a regular basis. This will help to keep the roots of your plant healthy and also prevent you from having trouble with over watering or too little water. There are different watering techniques that you can use for hardy plants and containers. You will want to start out with a dry method of watering. This means putting your plant in a pot on the floor and water from the top out. Do this daily until the plant starts to soak up the water.

Give Extra Pinch of Fertilizes to These Plants

One other one of the many tips to grow hardy plants and containers is to give them an extra pinch of fertilizer. You can apply this fertilizer just about once each month during the growing season. Try to use a product that is formulated for hardy plants. Once you find this product, you can start feeding your plant. You should start with one tablespoon of fertilizer, but you can feed your plant more if needed.

Provide Shelter to Plants

When you are growing hardy plants in containers, it is important that you provide them with shelter. When the weather gets very hot or very cold, you should move your plants inside when it is eighty degrees Fahrenheit or higher. If you do not protect your plant, then they will suffer from heat stress and possibly die. There are several things that you can do to provide your plants shelter indoors including using dark plastic containers that are larger than what you plant them in, or using small pots on a sunny windowsill.

Grow Hardy Perennials in Groups

If you want to give your plants an extra kick start, try growing hardy perennials in groups. There are a few different groups that you might consider growing hardy perennials in. One of the best groups you might try are those that are in the Understory group. These are best planted as shrubs around flowerbeds or along walls. These plants are very easy to grow, and they are good for container gardening.

Provide Plenty of Sunlight to Plants

In order for hardy perennials to prosper, you must provide them with plenty of sunlight and make sure that they get at least six hours of sunshine each day. Some plants prefer a little shade, but most do better in full sun. You should also water your hardy plants once each month, but not too much. Too much water can cause your plants to become root-bound and to stop growing altogether. Watering is also important because this is when plants are at their most productive, so they have the biggest root growth. Make sure that you water your hardy perennials deeply, and do not just lightly mist the leaves of your plants.

Benefits of Following these Tips

If you follow the tips to grow hardy perennials by container gardening, you will find that these plants will be there for you, year after year, without any kind of problem. Most hardy perennials can survive year after year in your garden, and with very little care you can help make sure that they stay this way. You can save money by using recycled containers to grow hardy perennials, or you can recycle your own pots. No matter which method you choose, remember that this is one of the most rewarding ways to grow your favorite plants, and with minimal effort.

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