Tips to Grow Cool-season Plants in Pots

Tips to Grow Cool-season Plants in Pots

Want to know some tips to grow cool-season plants in pots? Here are some suggestions. For people who do not want to deal with the prospect of planting seeds or dealing with the potential weeds, the great thing about growing these types of plants is that they are out in the garden year-round. However, they require a bit of care to thrive and make it through the gardening season. It is worthwhile to know how to grow cool-season plants in pots before you get started.

Cool-season Plants in Pots are Easy to Maintain

One of the nice things about cool-season plants in pots is that you can move them from one location in the yard to another as needed. This is quite easy to do with most perennial plants. The maintenance associated with cool-season plants will be less, as well.

Watering Cool-season Plants in Pots

As with other plants, you will have to water them once or twice a week during the growing season. This can be done with a sprinkler system, but if it is difficult for you to do this, using a hose may work. It might also be beneficial to spread mulch over the area where you are planning to plant your new plants. This can be done before you put the pots in the ground, in order to help keep the soil damp. This will help keep the roots of the plants moist and healthy, so they can easily root in place and stay in place all year long.

Role of Potting Material in Growing Cool-season Plants

If the pots you buy are not the best quality, there are some things that you can do to help them last for a few more years. If the potting material is not very absorbent, you might consider putting something like vermiculite in the bottom of the pot. Some perennials like clematis do well in this type of pot. This can help fill in the spaces between the layers of soil and keep the roots moist. Some people even put gravel down in the bottom of their pots in order to level off the pot so that it does not sink in the ground.

Use of Fertilizers

Pots for summer-flowering perennials like daffodils and violets should be put in the ground around the first frost. These plants do not like being bare, so they will typically establish in the ground around the first cold frost. Violets and daffodils can start growing again in the fall, as long as they are given their watering cues once a month during the growing season. Be sure to fertilize these plants once a month as well, even after the flowers bloom, because they tend to do better with fertilizer.

Growing Cool-season Plants in Containers

If you want cool-season plants to grow in pots, you might also consider starting them in containers. Containers are more affordable than traditional pots, and you will have access to your favorite plants in no time. Just remember that you need to water your Containers weekly during the growing season, and then apply a good quality fertilizer every month during the fall.

Use of Planters to Grow Cool-season Plants

If you want to use planters for growing cool-season plants in pots, you can purchase them pre-made or create a mix of your own. This will allow you to use a variety of pots, sizes and shapes, as well as designs and textures that you love. These plants tend to do best in pots that have drainage holes in the bottom, and these holes should be made even when the potting soil is loose.


One thing to remember is that many of the plants you buy at the nursery are bred for container gardening. That means that they are best suited to being planted in small containers. If you are going to use soil, you may consider trying your favorite potting soil in the pots before you plant your seeds. Remember that some cool-season plants don’t like to be planted directly in the soil, so consider that when choosing what type of container you will be using. And be sure that you follow all of the other tips to grow cool-season plants in pots to ensure your success!

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