Tips for Taking Care of Cherry Trees

Tips for Taking Care of Cherry Trees

If you’ve decided to grow a cherry tree in your yard, there are a few tips for taking care of cherry trees. This is an evergreen tree with straight branches and a thick trunk that can reach four feet or more. When properly cared for, the tree will outlive even your family. Here are some tips for taking proper care of your cherry tree.

1. Maintaining Humidity

Cherry trees need their humidity maintained at around fifty percent. You can’t just turn your tree upside down and expect it to thrive. If your tree isn’t receiving sufficient humidity it will eventually die. You can purchase a humidifier or a dehumidifier from your local nursery or hardware store.

2. Frequent Watering

While the tree is in its early stage, it will require more frequent watering. It will also require root pruning to remove old growth and allow the tree room to grow. You’ll need to water your tree every two weeks during the first year it is living in your home.

3. Inspections of the Branches

When you pick out your cherry trees from the tree farm, look for trees that are healthy. Do some inspections of the branches and see if they are brittle, dry, broken, or cracked. These conditions can cause damage to the wood around the branches. If you’re still unsure, ask a salesperson to come and look at your trees to give you an honest opinion.

4. Provide Plenty of Space for Growth

The tree should be supplied with plenty of space to grow. If you don’t have a lot of land to spare, select a tree with fewer blooms or branches. You want to give the tree space to grow and bloom naturally without excess stress. After all, blooming trees are those with the most foliage on the tree.

5. Watering

One of the easiest, but most neglected, ways of taking care of a tree is watering. Don’t be afraid to use a watering can, but keep in mind the tips above when watering. It’s also a good idea to water in the early morning hours to help the tree’s root system to get the water it needs. Direct sunlight is also a great way to help the tree.

6. Mulching

Another thing you’ll want to take into consideration is mulch. Mulch is a great way to keep the trees natural color while still protecting them. It also keeps the soil damp and doesn’t hold in moisture well, which can do major damage over time. There are several different mulches to choose from including pine straw, garden compost, pine bark, and even fruit and vegetables. You can always mix your own type of mulch if you feel that you need a chemical free and environment-friendly solution to your trees care.

7. Removing the Bark Off

One of the best tips for taking care of cherry trees is to never ever remove the bark off of the branches. Doing so can cause serious damage over time to the branches. Always remember to check on the quality of your tree’s annual maintenance program to make sure everything is up to par.

8. Water Daily

The last thing that you should do is to water your trees well. Make sure to water them daily if you want to get the best results. Also be sure to prune your trees at least once a year. This will help them grow strong and healthy. Pruning is also a great way to keep the tree’s disease free.

9. Provide Right Amount of Sunlight

Another good tip for taking care of cherry trees is to make sure they get the right amount of sunlight. The leaves on these plants change color depending on the availability of sunlight, so they are not too terribly helpful in determining the correct time to water your cherry plant. If you live in a climate that has harsh, winter months, you should keep your tree indoors during those months. On the flip side, the leaves tend to stay green during the hot, summer months. If you plan on keeping your tree out of the shade for long periods of time, it is important to put it in partial shade when it begins to turn brown.

10. Conclusion

These are just a few tips for taking care of your trees. It will take time and effort, but it can be done. Cherish the fruit that you are eating and enjoy the tree. Be patient with it. Remember, it takes time to grow even the easiest trees. You just have to keep at it and be sure to take care of it.

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