Synthetic Fertilizers for Indoor Container Gardening

Synthetic Fertilizers for Indoor Container Gardening

Why do you need synthetic fertilizers for indoor container gardening? This is a question many new container gardeners have and one that I hear more often. Container gardening is an enjoyable pastime, but there are some challenges. Many beginners come to think of the gardening as a hobby instead of a serious business. When I say serious business, I am not implying that there is no work involved; but it can be challenging at times.

1. Types of Synthetic Fertilizers

Synthetic fertilizers come in varying forms. You can choose liquid, granular or tablets. You can purchase these at most garden centers or online. No matter which form you choose, you will want to follow the directions on the package closely. They can be tricky at times and you do not want to make a mistake by using too much or too little.

2. Synthetic Fertilizers are Consistent

In addition to having the variety of plants available, another advantage to using synthetic fertilizers is that they are much more consistent. These fertilizers are carefully made to deliver nutrients in varying amounts to help plants grow to their maximum potential. They are made to be much more consistent than what we can achieve naturally.

This consistency also helps plants thrive and produce healthy fruit and vegetables. It is much easier to keep a plant thriving when it has a consistent nutrient delivery system.

3. Synthetic Fertilizers Provide Nutrients to Plants at Faster Rate

Synthetic fertilizers may cost more than natural fertilizers but there are a number of benefits to making the investment. They give plants more nutrients at a faster rate. They can be applied when needed and last longer than the materials you would use on your own.

4. Synthetic Fertilizers Solve Many Difficulties Related to Gardening

Some of us like to garden because we enjoy experimenting with our gardens. We want to see what we can do with different combinations of flowers and vegetables. For most of us, this is an easy enough thing to do when we have access to a large garden containing a variety of natural plants. However, for those of us who have yet to experience the joys of indoor container gardening, synthetic fertilizers for indoor container gardening are the answer to many gardening difficulties.

5. Benefits of Consistent Nutrients by Synthetic Fertilizers

Many experts believe artificial fertilizers are better for indoor container gardening because they offer more consistent and complete nutrient schedules. They can be purchased online or in many retail stores. They are not limited in availability and are readily available. With consistent nutrients, you are more likely to see healthy growth and strong plants with less problems from poor soil.

6. Ability to Control the Amount of Synthetic Fertilizers

Another benefit to synthetic fertilizers is the ability to control the amount you apply. With natural fertilizers you have to monitor how much you are putting into the soil. If you are not consistent, weeds will take over the plant or plants will suffer from lack of nutrients. You can find information on the internet on how to read the levels of the various chemicals. Some companies also have calculators on their website that will help you determine how much to put into the soil.

7. Follow Directions

When you are ready to start your indoor container gardening, be sure to read the instructions carefully and follow them closely. It may be tempting to add more water after you mix the fertilizer but it can cause the nutrients to wash away. Follow the package directions and you will be fine.

7.1 Check the pH Level of Soil

Before adding any new supplies of fertilizers you should pull some out of the compost pile. This will give you a better idea of how much you need to fertilize your plants. Make sure you know the pH level of the soil you are working with before you add the fertilizers. Be sure not to over feed your plants because they will not be able to eat it. Most plants need about one tablespoon a week for them to thrive.

8. Conclusion

Synthetic fertilizers for indoor container gardening are a great way to avoid the extra work and expense of maintaining natural fertilizers. You can give your plants and lawn the nutrients they need without the extra work. It may take a couple of weeks until you notice the first results from your artificial fertilizers. Once your soil is healthy and well balanced, you will find it so much easier to maintain a thriving indoor container garden.

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