Strawberry Summer Breeze Rose Seed


If you are looking for a beautiful, sweet, and pretty plant to add to your yard or patio, then the Strawberry Summer Breeze rose plant is definitely for you. This particular rose will grow anywhere in your yard and will fit any size container or pot. Its beauty will attract many gardeners to it as well.

The Strawberry Summer Breeze rose plant is also known as a ‘babies’ plant. It will produce many flowers, even if you choose not to grow them. They bloom from May through November and will remain blooming until midwinter.

The great thing about the strawberry variety of roses is that they will grow in the majority of climates. Even though they are a smaller plant, they can still cover a large area. Since they are so small, they will grow to fill a corner or two. You will find that they make a perfect addition to any patio or backyard.

Strawberry Summer Breeze Rose Plant is very easy to grow. All you need is a sunny location and lots of suns. You will have to water them once or twice a week but it won’t take long before you get them to grow.


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