Rosemary Rosy Seed


The Rosemary Rosy plant is a popular herb for many different reasons. It is a perennial herb that grows quickly, and its fragrant and aromatic flowers provide the perfect way to add beauty and color to any garden.

Rosemary Rosy plant is a perennial in the family of Rosaceae, the same as Rosemary. It comes from Africa and Asia and has been used as an ornamental plant in both countries for thousands of years. As such, it is a very common plant in gardens across the world, and it has been used to beautify many a home and garden.

Rosemary Rosy plant is an evergreen perennial with long stalks that grow three to four feet tall. They are blue-green with narrow gray stripes along their length and a broad purple flower that is up to four inches in diameter. It is native to tropical and subtropical parts of Africa, but it can grow in a variety of climates and soil conditions. In North America, Rosemary Rosy flowers in April and May and produces up to twelve blooms per year.

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