Radish Radar Seed


The Radish Radar Plants has been an important staple food for many people for quite some time. They are also one of the more popular vegetables grown commercially today and it is because of this that their production and harvesting have come to be an important industry.

The Radish Radar Plants is an edible leaf vegetable belonging to the Liliaceae family of plants. They are native to Europe and Asia but were introduced into the American South in the 1800s. It is a vine bearing plant, about two to three meters tall with a flat stem and purple, fleshy leaves. The leaves are edible, but when they are cooked they are often sweet like parsley. The plant can be eaten raw or as part of a meal. The roots of the radish plant are called radicchio and these are used as a vegetable in Italian cooking and for salads in other parts of the world.

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