Lettuce Salinas Ayr (Raw) Seed


The Lettuce Salinas Ayr (Raw) plant is among the most popular vegetables grown in Southern Mexico. Because of the unique growing conditions of the Lettuce Salinas Ayr (Raw) plant, this vegetable is grown in a much more compact area than most other lettuce varieties. This allows more land to be utilized for other crops. The fact that it can grow in small, tightly packed spaces also makes this vegetable one of the most desirable lettuce plants for landscaping purposes.

Lettuce Salinas Ayr (Raw) plant grows best in moist and well-drained soil. In Southern Mexico, the soil is often sandy with a little clay. Most Lettuce Salinas Ayr (Raw) plants are planted in a row and they can be placed in small potted containers so they are very easy to maintain.

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