Lettuce Cos Mix (Raw) Seed


The Lettuce Cos Mix (Raw) Plant is a multi-purpose green lawn that is great for commercial and personal use. It is constructed of a solid base which includes a lattice-type system with two branches that are connected. These branches will grow at a rate of five feet per day and when it reaches the third level, it will close. The planter can be assembled with no tools at all and takes about twenty minutes. The plant can easily be moved around and can be used for a variety of purposes, as long as it receives enough water to maintain its health.

The Lettuce Cos Mix (Raw) Plant is made up of a variety of different plants that can be mixed to make up for their individual needs. It is a very effective lawn care solution that can be put to use quickly and easily. It can even be placed in any part of the yard. The Lettuce Cos Mix (Raw) Plant does not need to be watered much at all, so it can be used year-round. Because it is a hydroponic lawn care system, it is very easy to maintain a healthy lawn with it.

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