Ficus Burgundy Tissue Culture


Ficus Burgundy Plant, a plant from the family of Scirpus clades is well known as the Burrage leaves or Ficus. This tree or shrub is a familiar sight on many roadsides and front porches throughout the United States. The plant has been cultivated since 1670 by the Romans. The plant was brought to America by the Spanish in the same manner as the Sumacs were brought to the continent by the Spanish in the 16th century.

Although Ficus Burgundy Plant was brought here originally for the use of a fig leaf extract, the name Ficus soon became applied to several different varieties of the plant. Today, when it comes to fig tree or fig plant identification, there are three common varieties of this plant: Ficusburragus flexa, Ficusburragus flexerata, and Ficusburragus panniculus.

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