Eggplant Gretel Seed


The Eggplant Gretel Plant is a member of the Grevillea family. The plant is actually native to Europe and Asia, although there are some species that are native to Australia. The majority of the Grevillea species are warm-season plants, which means that they need to be planted in the spring when the ground is relatively dry.

Because this Eggplant Gretel Plant grows quite tall, it does best in shady areas and tends to do better when planted near the home. The plant has light-colored foliage that looks similar to that of a grapefruit, and it is considered somewhat irregular in shape. Although the leaf edges are short, they still have leaves on top of the plant, and the top of the leaf is actually very pretty.

The Eggplant Gretel Plant is a fairly healthy plant. It can tolerate the dryness of the air pretty well but does need some water once or twice a week. The leaves of this plant tend to turn brown as the plant matures, so the gardener will want to prune it before it turns brown. Also, this plant doesn’t like too much sun.

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