Echeveria Violet Queen Tissue Culture


The Echeveria Violet Queen is a member of the Iris family. It can be found growing in Mexico, Belize, Peru, and Bolivia. This particular plant is known for its ability to create shade under arid conditions. This makes this plant ideal for people living in drier climates.

Echeveria Violet Queen Plant is not only a shade-loving plant but it can also produce flowers. These flowers are long and narrow. They have a white or pink flower head and a long stem with three to five leaflets. The flowers themselves can be eaten, although they are also used in traditional medicine.

The root system of this plant grows on the underside of a dead tree. The Echeveria Violet Queen is a fast growing plant that can reach up to twelve inches high. It is also very branched. The slow-growing perennial is known to produce runners. These runners grow up to six inches tall.

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