Chilli Hot Fajita Seed


The Chilli Hot Fajita Plant is a succulent plant that grows in the southern United States and is native to Mexico. Its botanical name, Capsicum annuum, comes from its capsular shape and is derived from the Latin meaning of capsules, or the capstone. These Chilli Hot Fajita Plants are typically grown for their large amounts of succulence in the salsa and marinated meats.

This Chilli Hot Fajita Plant is known to have heat tolerance up to three hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit. It can be used either in cooking or as a garnish. Its leaves are used to wrap meats and seafood before they are cooked.

The Chilli Hot Fajita Plant is very useful because it has a wide variety of uses. Some of its uses include being a spice in the Mexican and international cuisines, being used for its pungent and hot flavor, and is used in the making of drinks and sauces.

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