Carrot Dara Seed


Carrot Dara plant is a rare variety of vegetable that has been around for centuries. It is a member of the Carrot family, Solanaceae. It is not only colorful but also has a great taste and a unique shape when it is cooked or served.

The Carrot Dara plant is native to Thailand but has now become an exotic culinary treat in other countries. It is grown as a large part of their diet in other countries. The Carrot Dara plant produces many leaves that resemble a flower, but these leaves are flat and with narrow ends, as opposed to the flower-shaped leaves of the carrot plant.

There are three main species of the Carrot Dara plant. The Carrot Dara cactus, Carnauba Carrot, is also known as the common Carrot Dara plant or Carrot Cactus. It is native to the Andaman Sea and found in the southern part of Thailand.

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