Alstroemeria Inca Noble Tissue Culture


Alstroemeria Inca Noble plant is a flowering plant with a flower that is used in traditional healing practices of Peru. It has been known as the “king of the herbs”queen of herbs”, and this name has stuck to it to the present. This particular plant is the first plant mentioned in the Inca’s writing and its healing powers are well documented. These plants are well recognized throughout the world as a part of the therapeutic healing arts of Peru.

This Alstroemeria Inca Noble plant was used by the ancient Peruvians for their food and medicines. The plants are commonly found in local markets where they have the most diverse trade of any plant. When it comes to the medicinal properties of this plant, there are many ways that this amazing flower can be used to help heal the body. For example, the flowers of this plant are often mixed with water to make a paste that can be applied to the stomach.

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