Agapanthus Lilibet Tissue Culture


The Agapanthus Lilibet Plant is a flowering perennial grass that is native to the southwestern United States. It was originally cultivated as a pasture grass, but today it is a highly valued ornamental plant due to its unusual flowers.

Agapanthus Lilibet Plant grows in almost any shade from light green to a shade of brown. It spreads by rhizomes, or small roots, that float through the air. They are not true grasses. Instead, they are a true token. The flowers are up to 12 inches long with multiple petals and appear in a single color.

Agapanthus Lilibet Plant’s flower displays consist of many small white flowers, which make them very appealing. However, it is their blooms that most people notice and take notice of when they see these beautiful plants. These small flowers are covered with tiny black seeds that are usually found within the center of the flower. When the flower opens, the black seeds pop out, scattering seeds around the plant.

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